Untouchable Lady chapter 103 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, where to read online

Untouchable Lady chapter 103 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, where to read online

Chapter 103 of “Untouchable Lady” holds the promise of unraveling the mysteries that have perplexed fans so far in the series with its release date out

This upcoming chapter may shed light on the sudden appearance of monsters, the significance of the Xenon relic, the premature emergence of mutants, and Gabriella’s arrival at Christian’s house.

Untouchable Lady chapter 103 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, leaks, where to read online

In Chapter 102, chaos reigns in Inoaden as the community rushes to aid those affected by the unexpected monster attack. Hillis surveys the aftermath, pondering the origin of these monstrous assailants.

Axion joins Hillis during her walk and attributes the monster’s appearance to a nearby earthquake, further heightening the anxiety of the already unsettled populace, still reeling from the river evaporation incident. As Hillis observes the lifeless monsters scattered around, she reflects on the timing of Axion’s arrival, realizing that she might have resorted to her powers, endangering lives otherwise. She also contemplates the identity and intentions of the person who shot an arrow at her, wondering if this individual might be a mutant whose reaction was triggered by her abilities. Such an occurrence would suggest a shift in the expected course of events regarding the appearance of mutants.


Hillis senses that Axion has been unusually silent ever since Xenon revealed the enigmatic relic. Axion orders his subordinate to transport the monster carcasses to Kalikia, cautioning the handling of these remains due to their connection to mutant-related aspects tied to Kalikia’s blood. However, Axion refrains from elaborating further to avoid complications.

Hillis confides in Axion her intention to visit the Seine River, prompting Axion to insist on accompanying her, citing the recent monster encounters as evidence of the forest’s newfound danger. Hillis consents to having Axion accompany her on this journey.

Release Date

For those curious to know more about the release date of Chapter 103 of Untouchable Lady, let us tell you, the next installment of the series will be out on Saturday, September 23, 2023.


Readers can get their hands on the next chapter as per following time-zone:

IST: 8:30 PM

EET: 6:00 PM

PHT: 11:00 PM


SGT: 11:00 PM

PST: 8:00 AM

EST: 11:00 AM


KST: 12:00 AM

JST: 12:00 AM

AEST: 1:00 AM

If you’re not sure where to read upcoming chapter of Untouchable Lady, let us remind you, Chapter 103 will be available to go through online on Kakao Page.

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