Under The Gun Kdrama episode 1 release date, time, cast and where to watch ep online

Under The Gun Kdrama episode 1 release date, time, cast and where to watch ep online

The fans are excited for Zuho’s new Kdrama Under The Gun ep 1 whose release date is finally out now

Zuho, a member of SF9, is poised to captivate viewers once more through his reentry into the realm of acting. After delivering a compelling portrayal in the BL drama Star Stuck, which captivated viewers and sparked a desire for further engagement, Zuho is now positioned to assume a prominent role as the primary protagonist in the eagerly awaited Under The Gun Kdrama.

Under The Gun Kdrama episode 1 release date, time, cast, plot story and where to watch ep online

Get ready for Under The Gun episode 1 which is all set to release on April 12, 2024, at 11:30 AM KST. The Kdrama is going to stream every Friday.

The Plot and What To Expect 

The dishonor of Go-gun’s family forces him to face a painful choice. As a descendant of a famous poker player, Go-gun knows firsthand the dangers and mistakes that might befall a player. But just when everything seems to be falling apart, the Korean Poker League steps in as a ray of hope for his family’s reputation.


A new transfer student named Cha Se-young gives Go-gun the bravery he lacks by providing him with unfaltering support. It helps him overcome his fears. They set out on an adventurous voyage full of danger and uncertainty. Driven by Go-gun’s unyielding will to restore honor to his family.


Through it all, Go-gun faces both internal struggles and external influences as he plays high-stakes poker, with each hand putting him one step closer to salvation or eternal damnation. With Se-young’s unwavering support, Go-gun taps into his hidden abilities and faces his worst fears. That is bound and determined to triumph in the face of overwhelming adversity.


Allies and enemies alike are watching Go-gun’s every move as he faces the ultimate test of his mettle in the heart of the Korean Poker League. Is he up to the challenge of carrying on his family’s legacy? Or can his resiliency and strategic acumen get him through? In a world where everything can change in an instant, Go-gun must find all the inner fortitude he can muster to overcome the odds. With the unfaltering faith and support of an unexpected ally guiding him on his path to victory.

The cast of Under The Gun Kdrama

Cast members of the South Korean love series Zuho, directed by Hong Chung-gi and written by Lee Hae-ri, include Jo Soo-min, Cha Se-young, Lee Ji-min, Park Noh-shik, Joo Tae-ha, Seo Ji-won, and Ji Su-min.


Where You Can Watch Under The Gun episode 1

Only on the Asian Television channel, Viki, and Viu, you can watch Under The Gun episode 1.