UEFA EURO Cup 2024 coaches salaries list and which manager is paid the highest salary

UEFA EURO Cup 2024 coaches salaries list and which manager is paid the highest salary

Have a look at the highest-paid managers in Euro 2024 and how much do these high-profile head coaches earn

Football is finally back with the European Championship where hosts Germany kicked off the tournament against Scotland, winning 5-1 in the opener. 

Meanwhile, the managers play a big role in the competition’s plot, and Football Finance just published details that break down each manager’s yearly salary for Euro 2024. 

UEFA EURO Cup 2024 coaches salaries list and which team’s manager is paid the highest salary

Along with France, Germany, and Portugal, Gareth Southgate’s England is one of the favorites to win the competition.

Didier Deschamps, a well known experienced coach, is leading France, and Roberto Martinez and Julian Nagelsmann will be leading their countries in their first major championships as their head coaches. 

One of the more likeable examples of a well-known player turned manager is Koeman who is among the top-paid managers who will be hoping that his defensive skills can be translated to his team, as the Netherlands are expected to advance far in the ongoing European Championship. 


The list goes on which includes some high-profile managers who are managing one of the best national football teams in the world right now.

Their salary is evident from their hard work and dedication. Let us have a look at the highest-paid managers right now in the championship. 

Highest-paid Euro 2024 managers 

It may surprise some people to hear that England manager Gareth Southgate is the tournament’s highest-paid manager. 


With an annual salary of apparently over £4.9 million, he is the highest-paid player in the tournament. 

Southgate recently said he might resign as England’s manager if his team doesn’t win the title at Euro 2024. His current contract with the country expires in December.


With a £4 million yearly wage, Julian Nagelsmann of Germany is the second-highest paid head coach at the tournament. The Dutch coach recently signed a new contract that runs until 2026.

Following them is Roberto Martinez and France’s Didier Deschamps as the two of the world’s highest-paid managers take home more than £3 million a year between them.

  • Gareth Southgate (England): €5.800.000
  • Julian Nagelsmann (Germany): €4.800.000
  • Roberto Martínez (Portugal): €4.000.000
  • Didier Deschamps (France): €3.800.000
  • Ronald Koeman (Netherlands): €3.000.000
  • Luciano Spaletti (Italy): €3.000.000
  • Vicenzo Montella (Turkey): €1.800.000
  • Murat Yakin (Switzerland) €1.600.000
  • Ralf Rangnick (Austria): €1.500.000
  • Domenico Tedesco (Belgium): €1.500.000