UEFA Euro 2024 mascot name, where to buy plush toy merchandise online and anthem theme song singer

UEFA Euro 2024 mascot name, where to buy plush toy merchandise online and anthem theme song singer

The highly anticipated UEFA European Championships 2024 (EURO 2024) is close to getting started, and fans can check out all the details, like the official anthem, singer, lyricist, official mascot name and where to buy its plush toy

EURO 2024 will feature some of Europe’s strongest footballing nations battling it out for the ultimate title.

UEFA Euro 2024 mascot name, meaning, where to buy plush toy merchandise online and anthem theme song singer

The upcoming competition is set to take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14.

EURO 2024

The UEFA European Championship is a quadrennial international football championship organised by UEFA. This year’s competition marks the 17th edition of the competition, with Germany hosting the event this year. It will feature a total of 24 teams, divided into six different groups. The teams will compete across a series of 51 matches in total. Italy are the reigning champions after edging past England on penalties back in 2021.


EURO 2024 official anthem, singer, and lyricist

Over the years, the UEFA European Championship has had several memorable anthems, like Enrique Iglesias’ “Can You Hear Me” from 2008 and Martin Garrix’s “We Are the People” from 2020. This year, the title of the official anthem for EURO 2024 is “Fire.” American rock band OneRepublic made the song in collaboration with Italian electronic trio MEDUZA. German singer-songwriter Leony was the lyricist behind the new song.

Aside from the main anthem, MEDUZA has created a series of compositions inspired by “Fire,”  which will enhance TV sequences, provide walk-on music for teams, and also create an atmospheric soundscape for crucial moments of the tournament, such as the trophy presentation. Fans can listen to “Fire” across all major streaming platforms or witness it live during the closing ceremony at Olympiastadion Berlin on Sunday, July 14.


EURO 2024 mascot

UEFA has announced “Albärt the teddy bear” as the official mascot for EURO 2024.  Interestingly, it was schoolchildren and an online vote that decided the name for the EURO 2024 teddy bear mascot. UEFA hosted the official vote on their website and across European schools. Aside from Albärt, the other shortlisted names were Bärnardo, Bärnheart and Herzi von Bär.

The plush figure toy of the mascot can be bought here.

Albärt won about 32 percent of the total votes and will succeed two rabbits, a lion and a cockerel mascot from competitions in the previous years. Following the announcement, EURO 2024 tournament director and former German superstar Phillip Lahm stated:


As a parent, I know how important it is to stimulate children’s imagination. With the launch of our tournament mascot, we hope to create a fun and likeable character that will inspire them to enjoy playing football.”

UEFA first introduced Albärt to German fans ahead of the national team’s June friendly game against Colombia. However, its official debut came on the same morning at a primary school in Gelsenkirchen. The mascot hopes to inspire children across Europe to get active and encourage a love for football through the #MakeMoves program in schools.

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