Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals she’s making v*ginal bacterial infused beer with The Order of Yoni

Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals she’s making v*ginal bacterial infused beer with The Order of Yoni

Twitch streamer Amouranth is coming up with her own beer

More frequently than assuming the persona of the provocative Twitch and Kick streamer known as Amouranth, 29-year-old Kaitlyn Siragusa primarily operates as an entrepreneur.

However, her business ventures are predominantly focused on her physical attributes, as she markets “custom-made” hot tub water, a few strands of hair, and a jar containing her flatulence, priced at $400.

Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals she’s making her v*ginal bacterial infused beer with The Order of Yoni

Additionally, she offers OnlyFans subscriptions, which reportedly yield her $1.5 million monthly from a predominantly male audience.

Despite some members of this audience harboring strong aversion toward her, it may be due to their inability to resist the allure she provides.

Her most recent entrepreneurial endeavor i.e, a line of beer brewed with her vaginal bacteria—might serve as a remedy for these sentiments.


About Kaitlyn Siragusa Beer Collab

Siragusa delved into the details of this beer collaboration with a brewery called The Order of Yoni (a term that means the sacred vulva in Sanskrit) in an interview with Dexerto on October 26.

She intends to establish her own beverage company separately, but for now, her focus is on sending her pap smear cervical cells to The Order of Yoni.

The brewery’s website explains that, once they select “the Goddess” to be featured in their product—in this case, a streamer who occasionally engages in suggestive Spider-Man cosplay—a gynecologist takes a sample to isolate vaginal lactic acid bacteria.


Is it Safe?

The Order of the Yoni emphasizes the safety and purity of their product, stating that all lyophilized bacteria are rigorously tested for any foreign DNA or RNA, ensuring that their final product, a sour ale enriched with high-quality lactic acid, is entirely safe and healthful.

The Order also claims spiritual benefits for their scientific creation, citing the worship of a Great Deity’s Avatar in Sumerian history, with the Kings consuming what they believed to be her “milk,” which was, in reality, the lactic acid bacteria of her reincarnations, employed by the Order’s Masters in the brewing process using Ninhursag sacrament.


While there is no doubt that Siragusa’s beer will have its share of buyers, some individuals are uneasy with the idea of such an intense form of adoration.

The inclusion of Amouranth’s genitalia in the brew has left some pondering the state of society.

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