Tour of Flanders 2024 men’s and women’s schedule, dates, start time, route map and live stream telecast

Tour of Flanders 2024 men’s and women’s schedule, dates, start time, route map and live stream telecast

Here is all you need to know about the 2024 Tour of Flanders, including the male and female climbs, schedule, dates, live stream and start time

Each year, in the spring, Belgium hosts the Tour of Flanders (Dutch: Ronde van Vlaanderen), popularly referred to as De Ronde (“The Tour”).

The UCI World Tour event, which is hosted by Flanders Classics, is the most significant cycling competition in Flanders. Route changes for the Tour of Flanders in 2024 include a return to Antwerp as the starting point, following Bruges’ introduction into the event each year.

Tour of Flanders 2024 men’s and women’s schedule, dates, start time, route map and live stream telecast where to watch online

Due to a focus on safety, Flanders Classics has changed the course to take a different route up the Koppenberg and more main roads in the run-up to the finishing circuits at Oudenaarde.

Before the flag is dropped to begin racing, riders will go through a neutralised city for five km in the top men’s race, which will begin with a team presentation on Antwerp’s Grote Markt.

The race’s most well-known feature, the bergs, which are an unrelenting sequence of short, steep, and frequently cobbled climbs that occur during the second half of the race, has mostly remained intact during its 107 editions, like many other Monuments.


With millions of fans lining the route, the Tour of Flanders combines the drama of the Oscars, the thrill of the Tour de France, and the excitement making it an exciting day is finally on way, here is all you need to know.

2024 Tour of Flanders climbs

As men’s route cover 270.8 kilometres, they are supposed to tackle 17 climbs:

  • Vieux Quaremont (km 136,7)
  • Kappelle Berg (km 155,7)
  • Wolvenberg (km 158,9)
  • Molenberg (km 171,3)
  • Marlboroughstraat (km 175,3)
  • Berendries (km 179,3)
  • Valkenberg (km 184,7)
  • Berg Ten Houte (km 197,1)
  • Hotond (km 206,6)
  • Vieux Quaremont (km 216,5)
  • Paterberg (km 219,9)
  • Koppenberg (km 226,2)
  • Steenbeekdries (km 231,6)
  • Taaienberg (km 234,0)
  • Kruisberg (km 244,3)
  • Vieux Quaremont (km 254,1)
  • Paterberg (km 257,6)

While women’s route cover 163 kilometres, they are supposed to tackle 12 climbs:

  • Wolvenberg (km 72,1)
  • Molenberg (km 84,6)
  • Marlboroughstraat (km 88,6)
  • Berendries (km 92,6)
  • Valkenberg (km 97,9)
  • Kappelle Berg (km 109,7)
  • Koppenberg (km 118,4)
  • Steenbeekdries (km 123,7)
  • Taaienberg (km 126,2)
  • Kruisberg (km 136,5)
  • Vieux Quaremont (km 146,3)
  • Paterberg (km 149,7)

When and where is the 2024 Tour of Flanders?

The 2024 Tour of Flanders will be held on March 31st. Check out the full schedule below:

March 31

  • Start men’s race: Antwerp (10:00)
  • Start women’s race: Oudenaarde (13:25)
  • Estimated men’s race finish: Oudenaarde (16:29)
  • Estimated women’s race finish: Oudenaard (17:44)

2024 Tour of Flanders live streaming and telecasting details: Where to watch?

Fans from Belgium can watch the home tournament on RTBF. Broadcasters like SKY Sport and ESPN will be live telecasting for New Zealand and Central and South America and the Caribbean, respectively.