Top 50 Best, Funny, Unique Innovative Names Ideas For Fantasy Premier League, FPL 2021/22

Top 50 Best, Funny, Unique Innovative Names Ideas For Fantasy Premier League, FPL 2021/22

Fantasy Premier League or FPL is a league where players can create their own team, here are the top 50 funny names ideas for your FPL teams

Premier League is all set to kick off from 13th August and so is the Fantasy Premier League. Moreover, players can create their best 15-men teams and name them to play them. Along with creating your FPL team, naming them is also one of the tough tasks to do. Furthermore, FPL players just can’t get a perfect name that makes them happy and satisfied.

So, in order to sort out this issue, here we are with a list of Top 50 funny, unique and innovative names you can choose for your team in the upcoming FPL season 2021-2021.


List of Top 50 FPL Names: Funny, Stylish, And Unique Names in Fantasy Premier League 2021/22

FPL players can keep the name of their up to 20 digits. Furthermore, naming them simply doesn’t sound cool. In order to make their team more stylish and unique, they try to name them with some stylish names. More often, players keep the names on the basis of football players. Some of them try to keep names with the kind of player’s playstyle.

So, here is the list of best names for any Fantasy League Team:

  1. Diving Mo Salah
  2. Still Egyptian Messi
  3. Smoking Sarri
  4. Sarri Is Refused
  5. P.T Teacher Ole
  6. Ole’s Wheels are off
  7. When Harry Met Nuno
  8. searching for manager
  9. Sarri ki Sarri
  10. Sarri’s foul
  11. Willian Dollar
  12. Throwing Stones
  13. Collecting Stones
  14. Salah injury
  15. Van dijk no dike
  16. Sancho is not blue
  17. Sancho is Red
  18. Varane arrived
  19. Messi is in City
  20. No Pepsi of Pep
  21. Kane is in City
  22. Grealish is Not red
  23. No title for blue
  24. don’t drinkwater
  25. Kante is not smiling
  26. No kante wo wante
  27. Here we do not go
  28. defend like dier
  29. Maharez ki Jai ho
  30. Bruno el nino
  31. Pogba is bald
  32. Poul poigba
  33. Hender son
  34. pull this sick
  35. Har wen tez
  36. Missing Werner
  37. New Morat burner
  38. Werner Burner
  39. Nuno is white
  40. London is white
  41. Gooners
  42. Art eta
  43. Boka Saka
  44. Have Some Rice
  45. ASH ton Billa
  46. Man united take the Leeds
  47. Manchester in yellow
  48. Touch Ball tukel
  49. 4th finish CL winner
  50. No CL for Gooners

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