Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 And 8 Release Date, Time, Story, Recap, Preview, Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 And 8 Release Date, Time, Story, Recap, Preview, Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

Episodes 7 and 8 of the ongoing south Korean television series Today’s Webtoon will air soon, know more about the release date, time, spoilers, and where to watch the ep here

In the last episode, Ma-Eum comes to work after informing her dad that she wishes to be an office worker and no longer compete in competitions. The webtoon section has been deleted from the NEON site owing to low sales, adding to Man-concerns. chul’s Gu Seul-a is eager to start starting on her idea. If you are also following the Korean drama Today’s webtoon, then you must be excited for episode 7. Let’s have a look at the release date, and spoilers for the upcoming episodes here. 

Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 And 8 Release Date, Time, Story, Recap, Preview And Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online


Seo Ji-Hyung meets artist Bae to inquire about his work because he has been running behind time. Digital drawing is a new skill for artist Bae, who regularly needs assistance from his colleagues. Dong-hee has worked as his assistant for a very long period, and he dislikes Dae-Ryuk because of his rudeness.

He frequently has low self-esteem, and Dae-Ryuk regularly counsels him to change this since words have power and may bring about reality. Dong-hee often criticizes him for not making his debut, but Dae-Ryuk is certain that he will go on before Dong-hee.


She contacts Ma-Eum and requests a lunch meeting. Seul-a praises Ma-Eum for her help and apologizes for turning to another producer. She receives a message from Kwon PD, who instructs her to modify the look of the character within a specific timeframe. Seul-a gets nervous and rushes home.

Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 And 8 Release Date

The release date of Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 is August 19, 2022. Episode 8 of this Korean drama will air on August 20, 2022, on Saturday. You can watch both episodes 7 and 8 at 10.00 pm according to the Korean Standard Time on SBS TV.


International fans can enjoy the upcoming episodes of Korean drama Today’s Webtoon on Rakuten Viki with the English subtitle.

Spoilers For Episode 7 

In the upcoming episode, Ma Eum will get the compliment that she has the talent to be a good producer. As the webtoon page has been taken down, the team will write a report about it. They have got the task to write why the webtoon should be on that page. 


Ji-Hyung invites Ma-Eum out for a drink, and Jun-Yeong accompanies them. Ma-Eum had overstepped her bounds earlier in her conversation with Kwon. He is her senior, and Jun-Yeong explains that he is also the company’s top producer. Despite his bad behavior, he pulls in the majority of the money for the company.

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