Tim Anderson baby mama Dejah Lanee mocks his wife Bria Anderson after he cheated on her

Tim Anderson baby mama Dejah Lanee mocks his wife Bria Anderson after he cheated on her

Bria Anderson, Tim Anderson wife, claims that despite their infidelity, she is still loyal to her husband and responding to this, Dejah Lanee claims that if she had been Bria, she would not have remained with Tim, a chronic cheater.

Tim Anderson, a player for the Chicago White Sox, may be the subject of adultery claims, but it appears that his wife chose to stick by her man throughout the turmoil despite the supposed mistress giving birth and making some ugly remarks.

The baseball pitcher made headlines last year after many women alleged that he had cheated on his wife, Bria Anderson. According to The Shadow League, a DNA test on one of those ladies who recently gave birth identified him as the father.

Tim Anderson baby mama Dejah Lanee mocks his wife Bria Anderson for staying with him after he cheated on her

Dejah Lanee is the woman in question. She sparked a lot of debate when she shared an Instagram photo of her growing baby bump and tagged Anderson with the remark “baby father.” With more than 180,000 Instagram followers, she is a social media star whose post did not go missed and had viewers wondering what would transpire with Anderson and Bria’s nuptials.

The wife of a Chicago White Sox player works with young people in southside Chicago as the executive director of a nonprofit organisation called Anderson’s League of Leaders Foundation. She is also a school teacher. She holds both a master’s degree from West Alabama and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama.


Clearly, she’s a clever woman with a lot going for her, but nonetheless, her decision to stay with her husband after getting a side chick pregnant has raised a lot of eyebrows. She nonetheless used social media this week to reassure everyone that she is staying put.

On Wednesday, March 15, she released a slideshow with several new images of herself, stating in her caption: “****Mrs. Anderson has entered the chat.” She put a picture with the caption “on my unbothered, tranquil gorgeous girl s**t” in the slideshow. Lanee responded to this message, making it plain that she has strong feelings about Bria sticking by her husband despite his infidelity.


“I be knowinggggg,” she wrote in a tweet. “Lmao & I’m leaving if my husband cheats. straightforward math. You guys are dragging this out much too long.”