Thomas Partey Named As 29 Year Old Premier League Player Who Lives In Barnet Arrested After His Girlfriend Sara Bella Accused Him Of Rape

Thomas Partey Named As 29 Year Old Premier League Player Who Lives In Barnet Arrested After His Girlfriend Sara Bella Accused Him Of Rape

All about Thomas Partey alleged rape accusations by Ex-Girlfriend Sara Bella as the Arsenal player refused to marry her in Spain earlier in June with him now named as the 29 year old Premier League player arrested in North London who lives in Barnet

The Moroccan partner of Ghanaian football player Thomas Partey, Sarah Bella, has accused him of rape after he rejected her request to become his wife.

Thomas Partey Named As 29 Year Old Premier League Player Who Lives In Barnet Arrested In North London After His Girlfriend Sara Bella Accused Him Of Rape

The North London club’s rape probe involving an unnamed star player from the top division recently brought the Arsenal midfielder into the picture. While the name of the player isn’t confirmed, similar such tips and predictions can be found on Betway.

According to reports, the alleged rape occurred in June 2022. Partey used this period to travel to Ghana and refute accusations that he is the alleged s*x offender.
Recent information, however, suggests that Thomas Partey’s Moroccan girlfriend is to blame for the sex allegations levelled against him. Since she had proposed to the Premier League player while they were on holiday in Spain, she did so.

“Thomas Partey will be absolved of all accusations since the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the rape charges against the football player citing insufficient evidence, but it’s not all done yet because another woman who also falsely accused him is aggravating the situation,” an insider said.

Partey is shocked that the woman who forced him to convert to Islam could spread such lies, especially after he spent about 700,000 British pounds on their vacation, according to a source close to him. This source was unaware of when the couple travelled to Spain.

The source claims that Thomas Partey has informed his family that the accusations against him are false and that his partner, Sara Bella, is the one who is responsible for them.


According to prior reports, which were initially published online on Monday, a rape allegation involving a woman in her 20s was reported to police on July 4.

The player who was arrested for the assault is said to be in his late 20s and will play for his country in the World Cup in Qatar in November.
At the time this news was published, Thomas Partey, the football player in question, had not yet received an official identification.

Have a look at some screenshots from Kojo Smith, who appears to be Thomas Partey’s close friend and to be quite knowledgeable about the rape incident.


The majority of football fans have been interested in learning the identity of the Premier League player since it was announced that he was arrested on Monday morning, July 4, 2022, in north London on suspicion of rape.

Because the player was detained based on suspicion in such a delicate circumstance, the authorities are making a lot of effort to keep the suspect’s identity a secret. On social media, some followers, though, think Thomas Partey might be the culprit.

When it was revealed that a player had been held on rape allegations, reports said that the Premier League star was a first-team player. The athlete was apparently supposed to go with his team this week.
According to a statement from Scotland Yard, the police were notified of a rape complaint against a lady in her 20s on July 4. The alleged rape reportedly took place in June 2022.


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