The Masters Golf 2024 winner green jacket rules, trophy name, weight, locket and prize money

The Masters Golf 2024 winner green jacket rules, trophy name, weight, locket and prize money

Have a look at The Masters Golf 2024 green jacket rules and trophy name

Everyone is familiar with the prestigious green jacket, an iconic symbol of Augusta National. However, apart from the coveted garment, which champions wear for a year, and the substantial $3.6 million prize, what other accolades do Masters winners receive?

For the curious, let us tell you, that not widely known accolade is the elegant silver trophy, a three-dimensional replica of the clubhouse. Weighing approximately 20 pounds and standing about the size of a modest birthday cake, it is a scaled-down version of the permanent trophy, too hefty for a single individual to carry.

The Masters Golf 2024 winner green jacket rules, trophy name, weight, locket and prize money pool

Though, perhaps the burly Bryson DeChambeau could manage, if he could maneuver it through the clubhouse’s narrow doors.

Traditionally, the champion takes his jacket home with him for one year, returning it when he comes back for the next Masters and the jacket is then stored at the club and is available whenever the champion visits. Jackets are kept on club grounds, and taking them off the premises is forbidden but the exception is for the winner, who can take it home.

About the Elegant Silver Trophy

The larger trophy boasts such intricate detail that it meticulously captures even the number of rail posts on the balcony or the individual panes in each window. This prestigious award has stood proudly since 1961, prominently showcased on the ground floor of the clubhouse.

The trophy not only bears the names and scores of all the Masters champions, it also pays homage to the runners-up, a rare acknowledgment of second place. Equally fascinating is the scaled-down version presented to the champions themselves.


These trophies feature the engraved signatures of every player who participated in that specific year’s tournament, adding a personalized touch to their victory.

Are Champions Allowed to Take Trophy Home?

For those who wondering with the question whether champions are allowed to take the trophy home or not, let us give you a piece of information. Although, Champions aren’t allowed to take the trophy home, however, they are permitted to purchase additional trophies for their home club, alma mater, or similar institutions, on the condition that the recipient utilizes the trophy to celebrate and endorse the tournament constructively.

This policy aims to prevent champions from purchasing duplicates for unrelated purposes or risking the trophy’s resale on online platforms.


Similarly, as to the trophy, the green jacket must not be utilized for commercial endeavors. Previous winners are permitted to take their jackets off-site and retain them for a year, thereafter they must be returned and worn solely within the confines of Augusta National.

On the contrary, champions are allowed to keep their trophies. These are awarded around midsummer and are delivered in an exquisite presentation box, lined with green felt and featuring swinging doors at the front secured by a clasp. This opulent box is an integral component of the overall prize experience.

What Else Winner’s Receive?

Aside from the aforementioned things, winners of the Masters tournament are honored with a gold medal inscribed with their name and the year of their victory on one side, while the other side features an image of the iconic clubhouse.


Additionally, as a token of their induction into an elite group, champions are gifted a gold locket shaped like the renowned Master’s logo along with a U.S. map with a golf flag marking Georgia.

This exclusive locket is bestowed upon champions during the prestigious Champions Dinner held during Masters week, where the defending champion holds the privilege of crafting the evening’s menu.

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