The Callisto Protocol Game Length And How Long Does It Take To Complete The Story

The Callisto Protocol Game Length And How Long Does It Take To Complete The Story

The Callisto Protocol is almost here, and the creators have disclosed how long it will take to complete the main story and its length

The Callisto Protocol has not yet received any reviews, but the upcoming horror game is highly intriguing. Before release, two hours of gameplay were posted online, and the game looks excellent with clear Dead Space influences. It is about to be released, and the campaign lasts a respectable amount of time.

The Callisto Protocol Game Length And How Long Does It Take To Complete Its Story


The Callisto Protocol narrative takes between 12 and 14 hours to finish. This information was provided by Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios, in Edge Magazine issue #377. (via loadout). Although the story should be finished in 14 hours, there are optional “beta pathways” and weapons that can be fully upgraded.

Without regard to the developer’s remarks, power pix has disclosed three possible lengths based on difficulty settings:

  • Easy Difficulty = 8-12 Hours
  • Medium Difficulty = 9-14 Hours
  • Maximum Security Difficulty (Hard) = 12-15 Hours

Powerpyx claims that you can platinum the game with just one playtime on the toughest setting, Maximum Security. They assert that aside from locating 43 Data Bios, there are no other side quests or duties and that the maps are quite linear and “essentially one corridor after another.”


The Callisto Protocol pre-order bonuses are as follows for each edition:

Retro Prisoner Character & Contraband Pack Pack of Weapons (PlayStation Exclusive)

Be aware that the Standard PS4 and Xbox edition costs £49.99, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version, which includes the last-generation counterparts, costs £54.99.


Additionally, a Digital Deluxe edition that is only accessible on last-generation platforms costs £64.99. A Deluxe edition that includes the PS4, PS5, and Xbox One, Series X/S experiences costs £74.99.

The Season Pass is all that is included in both Deluxe editions. There are only the Day One and Digital Deluxe editions available on Steam.

Recently The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay was leaked online just days before its release in the first week of December by those who were able to obtain a copy. The completely new survival horror video game was disclosed through three different broadcasts on a Twitch profile.

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