The big money spent on the Super Bowl 57 2023, halftime show cost and ads revenue

The big money spent on the Super Bowl 57 2023, halftime show cost and ads revenue

The Super Bowl is big business, know the 2023 ads cost and money game

As well as Super Bowl betting, there are huge sums of money spent on this sporting event and this helps to make it the spectacle that we all know and love.

To get a real feel for the reach that this game has, it’s worth checking out the Tottenham Hotspur video where 4 players take part in an NFL teammate challenge. While there’s no denying that English Premier League football attracts money, even officials there may be surprised by just how much money the Super Bowl brings in.

Explained the big money spent on the Super Bowl 57 2023, halftime show cost and ads revenue

At a time when people are tightening their belts, it’s amazing to see just how much people will spend to follow their favourite teams and get a slice of the action.

The cost of the halftime show

If you’re a Super Bowl fan then you already know that there is more to this than the players on the pitch. Yes, the sporting action is what makes Super Bowl Sunday, but the halftime entertainment brings a whole new dimension to the day and is something that other sporting events just can’t match.


This year, we have Rihanna’s performance to look forward to. In the past, we’ve seen greats such as Michael Jackson and Prince taking to the stage. Of course, big names cost big money and it now costs over $10 million to put on this show.

Super Bowl food

The Super Bowl has developed a real association with food, drinks and snacking. In fact, Super Bowl Sunday is only second to Thanksgiving when it comes to days when the most for is consumed. In total, around $16 billion is spent on food, drink and party gear.

The food element here represents around $85 per person. A significant amount of this is spent on chicken wings with an astonishing 1.45 billion of these being eaten during Super Bowl LVII.


The price of ads

The Super Bowl attracts a huge audience and this gives businesses a massive opportunity to get in front of people. With over 100 million viewers, it makes sense that a company would want this level of exposure. Of course, though, this comes at a cost.

It’s estimated that over $500 million is spent on Super Bowl ads. Looking back to 2022, there were businesses happy to spend a whopping $7 million just to secure a 30-second slot.


Super Bowl tickets

Watching the Super Bowl on TV is one thing, but seeing it in person is quite something else. However, with ticket prices only ever heading in one direction, the privilege of attending is getting further out of reach for many.

This year it’s the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Philadelphia Eagles. The action is set to take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale. If you’re hoping to grab yourself a ticket, you’ll need to have a spare $6,000 kicking around as this is the price of the cheapest tickets that are available. Perhaps now’s the time to start saving so you can get yourself a seat for another year!