The best drivers for new golfers in 2023

The best drivers for new golfers in 2023

The driver is the club the majority of new golfers struggle with the most

It has the longest shaft, the least loft, is swung at the highest speeds, and hits the ball the furthest distances, so it’s no surprise it causes beginner golfers more problems than any other club.

Whilst no two golfers are the same, the most common problems new golfers face with the driver is hitting a big slice and/or struggling to launch the ball high enough to maximize distance.

List of the best drivers for new golfers in 2023

No golf club is a magic wand that can overcome your swing flaws – lessons and practice are what you need for that – but some drivers are better than others when it comes to mitigating the common problems new golfers face with their driver.

The Todays Golfers best golf drivers compares all the latest drivers head-to-head on a launch monitor to see which models are the longest, straightest, and most forgiving. It also identifies the drivers that are likely to be the best for new golfers.


Ping G430 SFT

Ping are renowned for making beginner-friendly clubs that are easy to hit and very forgiving. The Ping G430 driver is no exception, and the SFT (Straight Flight Technology) variant also offers a lot of help to reduce a slice. There’s a movable back weight which can offer up to 22 yards of draw bias, helping to combat even the most severe slice. As its adjustable, you can reduce the amount of draw bias as you progress as a golfer and don’t need as much assistance with stopping a slice, meaning the G430 SFT is a driver you could keep in the bag long beyond your beginner days.

It looks fantastic and the sound at impact has been noticeably improved over previous models, making the G430 SFT one of the best drivers around.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 is a brilliant driver, hugely popular with tour pros and amateurs alike. The HD (High Draw) model proved the longest draw-biased driver in the Today’s Golfer drivers test, making it a great option for new golfers who want as much distance as possible. It has a reassuringly big footprint behind the ball, and a slightly shorter shaft than the Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 Plus, which makes it easier to find the middle of the club face.


The Stealth 2 HD is very forgiving when you do mishit it slightly, and it launches slightly higher than the other two Stealth 2 models, making it a great option for new golfers.

Wilson Launch Pad Driver

The Wilson Launch Pad is very forgiving, easy to launch, and helps combat a slice. It’s also available for under £180, making it a fantastic option for golfers who have recently taken up the game and don’t want to spend upwards of £500 on one of the leading models from the likes of Callaway, Ping and TaylorMade. The looks, sound and feel are good enough to rival drivers that cost two and three times as much as the Launch Pad.


The Launch Pad also features a lightweight head and shaft which helps increase swing speed and distance, something many new golfers are striving for.



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