TapSwap cinema and video code and all secret codes list for July 10, 2024

TapSwap cinema and video code and all secret codes list for July 10, 2024

Check out the TapSwap Daily Cinema and Video Code for July 10 as social media platforms are currently buzzing with the game’s secret code amidst Hamster Kombat’s buzz

For the unversed, TapSwap is one of the pioneering crypto mini-games on Telegram. Utilizing a tap-to-earn model, it allows players to accumulate cryptocurrency simply by tapping the screen.

Due to its straightforward mechanics, TapSwap has gained immense popularity, attracting more than 50 million users.

TapSwap cinema and video code and all secret codes for July 10, 2024

As aforesaid, it operates on a simple tap-to-earn model, wherein players can earn cryptocurrency by tapping the screen, completing tasks, and engaging in various in-game activities.

Its simplicity and the potential to earn real cryptocurrency have made it a favorite among users. It’s important features includes:

Tap to Earn
Daily Tasks
Secret Codes


TapSwap Secret Code for July 10

Two days ago, a new task was introduced in the game’s Tasks section, offering users the chance to earn 200,000 coins each day. Here’s everything you need to know to claim today’s secret codes.

To claim the TapSwap secret codes for July 10 and to earn more coins, follow these below mentioned simple steps:


Firstly, users should open their Telegram app and access the TapSwap bot. Followed by it, go to the task section and complete the following tasks such as:

Question: How to Earn Money on Crypto
Answer: Genesis
Question: TapSwap Education – What is Bitcoin?
Answer: D57U94
Question: Learn 5 Crypto Terms
Answer: 2614907
Question: Watch the First Token Video
Answer: Simply Watch Video
Question: Learn What the TON is
Answer: 548719
Question: TapSwap Cinema Video


How to Maximize Rewards?

If you wish to maximize your rewards points, you just need to check in the task section daily and compete all the given task. Players can also follow TapSwap on its official social media platforms to stay informed about announcements.

Lastly, you can send the platform invite to your friends to join the TapSwap and if they do so then you will be able to earn additional rewards. Like Hamster Kombat, TapSwap is also much followed account on social media with more than 6.5 million followers on X/Twitter.

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