Thomas And Uber Cup 2021 Final Prize Money, Results And Winners List

Thomas And Uber Cup 2021 Final Prize Money, Results And Winners List

Know about the results and prize money distribution of the final and winners of the Thomas And Uber Cup 2021

The tournament was the 31st edition of the Thomas Cup and the 28th edition of the Uber Cup. Indonesia defeated China in the finals of the Thomas Cup to increase their title count to 14. This was Indonesia’s first title in 19 years. On the other hand, China managed to win the Uber Cup as they defended Japan in the finals.

Defending Champions of both the tournaments lost in the finals this season. This was China’s 15th Uber Cup title. Both male and female Indian teams made it into the next stage but lost in the quarterfinal stage.

So, here are all the details about the Thomas And Uber Cup 2021 including the prize money for the tournament.

Thomas And Uber Cup 2021 Prize Money, Results And Winners

Uber Cup 2021

Japan, India, South Korea, Denmark, Thailand, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, and China were the teams who qualified for the next stage. Defending champions Japan defeated India by 3-0 in the quarterfinals and qualified for the semifinals. Japan then defeated South Korea in the semifinals by 3-1. However, they ended up losing to China by 3-1 in the finals and lost their title.

1st Match

Akane Yamaguchi (Japan) vs Chen Yufei (China)

  • 1st Set: 21-18 (Japan)
  • 2nd Set: 21-10 (Japan)

2nd Match

Yuki Fukushima / Mayu Matsumoto (Japan) vs Chen Qingchen / Jia Yifan (China)

  • 1st Set: 27-29 (China)
  • 2nd Set: 21-15 (Japan)
  • 3rd Set: (China)

3rd Match

Sayaka Takahashi (Japan) vs He Bingjiao (China)

  • 1st Set: 21-9 (China)
  • 2nd Set: 21-18 (China)

4th Match

Misaki Matsutomo / Nami Matsuyama (Japan) vs Huang Dongping / Li Wenmei (China)

  • 1st Set: 24-22 (China)
  • 2nd Set: 23-21 (China)

Thomas Cup

Indonesia won their 14th Thomas Cup title as they defeated China by 3-0 in the finals. Indonesia dominated al the matches and lost only one game in the knockout stages against Denmark.

1st Match

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (Indonesia) vs Lu Guangzu (China)

  • 1st Set: 21-18 (China)
  • 2nd Set: 21-14 (Indonesia)
  • 3rd Set: 21-16 (Indonesia)

2nd Match

Fajar Alfian / Muhammad Rian Ardianto (Indonesia) vs He Jiting / Zhou Haodong (China)

  • 1st Set: 21-12 (Indonesia)
  • 2nd Set: 21-19 (Indonesia)

3rd Match

Jonatan Christie (Indonesia) vs Li Shifeng (China)

  • 1st Set: 21-14 (Indonesia)
  • 2nd Set: 21-18 (China)
  • 3rd Set: 21-14 (Indonesia)

Prize Money

The expected prize pool of the tournament is said to be around $1 million dollars for each Cup. The winners are expected to get around $120k which is around 8 percent of the total prize pool.

Previously, BMF announced that the organizers are now allowed to continue with less prize pool due to the pandemic. So, the prize pool might vary from %1 million to $850k. China and Indonesia have received around $100k-$80K for winning the tournament.

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