Explained Snapchat Unviewed Or Unseen Story New Feature Meaning Explained

Explained Snapchat Unviewed Or Unseen Story New Feature Meaning Explained

The meaning behind Snapchat Unviewed Story has been finally explained, along with the features for the newly introduced Snapchat Plus and how to subscribe to it

Recently, several Snapchat users have been getting messages about their friends’ “unviewed story”. It has prompted many users to wonder what it is all about.

Snapchat Unviewed Or Unseen Story New Feature Meaning Explained

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps in recent items. Although TikTok has managed attain the same level as Instagram, Snapchat has managed to stand its ground.

Snapchat “Unviewed Story” Meaning Explained

The “Unviewed story” notification on Snapchat is a reminder to the users that their friends have uploaded a new snap for them to see.

In most cases, the notifications pops up a couple of hours before the original story disappears. This is done to make sure that users do not miss updates from their friends even on busy days.

The notification only goes to the friends of the user, so go and check out if you have one now.

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat has recently introduced Snapchat Plus to keep up with user demands. The new update consists of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features available for purchase at $3.99 USD a month.

Only people who have subscribed to Snapchat Plus can enjoy the new features.

Some of the new features include the story rewatch indicator, which appears as an eye emoji next to your story. It indicates the number of times you have rewatched the content.

Some other features include ghost trails on the map, which reveals your friends’ current locations.

However, this feature is only possible only if the user has activated it. Other things include pinning your best friend, solar system, and many more.

How To Subscribe Snapchat Plus

Given below are the steps on how to subscribe to Snapchat Plus:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap on the Snapchat+ banner card at the top
  • Choose a subscription to start your 7-day free trial

Users can get Snapchat+ for $3.99 USD per month, for $21.99 USD for 6 months, or for $39.99 USD per year.

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