Swallowed Star episode 108 release date, time, preview and where to watch ep Eng sub online

Swallowed Star episode 108 release date, time, preview and where to watch ep Eng sub online

Episode 108 of the popular ongoing Chinese fantasy and romantic anime Swallowed Star will air soon, know the release date and where to watch the ep

In the previous episode, we saw that Nolansan offers hundreds of billion coins for Earth. Nolansan attacked Luo Feng, however, his cultivation was restricted at the virtual level. Now, both Luo Feng and Nolansan are at level 4 stars and should not killed quickly. If you are also following the anime Swallowed Star and are excited for episode 108, we have got you covered here.

Swallowed Star episode 108 release date, time, preview, recap and where to watch ep Eng sub online

Nolansan easily defeated Luo Feng, Hong, and Lei Shen. As he was about to kill them, the killer arena issued the warning that fighting is prohibited. If Nolansan fights again, he will be banned from the virtual universe. Nolansan mocked Luo Feng for not respecting his elders and powerful strength. However, Luo Feng presented evidence that the Nolan Clan was attacking the earth in front of everyone.


Nolansan replied Pool had been expelled from the clan a long time ago. He issued a warning if Luo Feng dies, Earth will become ownerless. Later, Luo Feng got the call from Gia and Hook who were impressed by their fight. Gia suggested joining the universe-level Mercenary Force exam in order to increase their strength.


Swallowed Star Anime episode 108 release date and time

The release date of the ongoing Chinese fantasy and action anime Swallowed Star Episode 108 (Season 3 episode 23)  is February 27, 2024. You can watch the episode at the given times:

  • British Summer Time: 3.00 PM BST 
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11.00 PM PST 
  • Japanese Standard Time: Midnight JST 
  • Australia Time: 00.30 AM AEST 
  • Indian Standard Time:  7.30 PM IST 
  • Singapore Standard Time:  11.00 PM SGT 

Where can you watch Swallowed Star episode 108?

International and Chinese fans can stream the Swallowed Star episode 108 on Tencent network and We TV. In the upcoming episode, we will see that Luo Feng and Hong’s rank will keep rising in the fights of the battle space. Furthermore, more and more alien clans will become curious about the planet Earth.


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