Stephanie Melgoza crash accident video goes viral on Twitter and latest update news

Stephanie Melgoza crash accident video goes viral on Twitter and latest update news

24-year-old, Stephanie Melgoza has now said sorry as she faced the families of two victims she killed with a car, know her latest update and video

A woman named Stephanie Melgoza smiled and also laughed after she murdered 2 people in a drunk-driving crash. But now she has apologized to the families of the victims.

Stephanie Melgoza car crash accident video goes viral on Twitter and latest update news

Former Bradley student, Stephanie Melgoza was sentenced to prison for 14 years on Thursday. She is 24 years old. She hit and killed a duo from Lorain County in April 2022 as they crossed the street outside a bar in East Peoria.

Melgoza has pleaded guilty to 2 counts each of aggravated DUI and aggravated reckless driving.

Paul Prowant, who was 55 years old, hailed from Avon Lake, and 43-year-old Andrea Rosewicz of Avon got hit by Melgoza’s red Dodge Dart just after 10 pm.


A shocking bodycam footage showing Melgoza at the scene of crash laughing and joking despite knowing she killed 2 people was found. Melgoza’s behavior has led to an arresting officer calling her “sad and very pathetic.”

Jeffrey Bieber revealed that Melgoza admitted hitting the pair and she had watery eyes and a strong smell of alcohol was coming from her breath.


The girl was found having three times alcohol over the legal limit and she failed all other sobriety tests which were given to her by the East Peoria officers. She asked the officials when would she get her car back for schooling.

Melgoza also discussed an upcoming trip to Las Vegas, where she will “start off with two Long Islands,” and started singing and dancing.

The officers of the department snapped at Melgoza by saying: “Do you want me to be honest with you, you are now going to prison, you don’t have a bond. You murdered 2 people tonight. I don’t think you understand that.”


Melgoza asked the officers that is she going to miss her Tuesday night class. It seems that she is quite careless and not bothered about the two innocent people who lost their lives.

Her car is the property of the East Peoria Police Department because it has killed two people.

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