Sprinkle sprinkle meaning on TikTok explained as lady goes viral

Sprinkle sprinkle meaning on TikTok explained as lady goes viral

The meaning of the TikTok phrase Sprinkle Sprinkle is beyond intriguing as the use of this phrase becomes more popular than before

The social media platform TikTok is no stranger to bizarre trends or influencing popular culture. From propelling the admiration of music to the appreciation of advice, it’s a site riddled with amazing and enjoyable content which is endless.

Sprinkle sprinkle meaning on TikTok as lady and meme goes viral


The latest of all which has gone viral, is the Sprinkle Sprinkle catchphrase which originated on YouTube, before finding its way to TikTok.

The meaning of the catchphrase ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ explored


The ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ phrase has no definite meaning as such. The new catchphrase has taken on different definitions as it grows and is used in different contexts on the internet.

It is somewhat a way of performing a ‘mic drop’. A mic drop refers to, when someone drops their microphone intentionally at the end of a performance, making some dramatic statement. In that, Sprinkle Sprinkle is used.

Urban Dictionary mentions this term as “it’s the new slay”, by referring to the LGBT+ community. ‘Slay’ is a much famous term that is used all across social media and it is often used by the drag community in reference to an impressive appearance.


The term ‘sprinkle’ can be defined as a way to “to spreading information to others” or “pass on the knowledge to another person”.

On TikTok and different social media platforms, users speculated what the phrase could mean. The most famous understanding term is dropping knowledge or providing the truth.


Regardless of the different meanings of the same, sprinkle sprinkle has sparked serious popularity on TikTok.

Sprinkle sprinkle advice from TikTok

As this phrase has become quite famous, one TikTok user, in particular, has somewhat become the face of the saying. Providing thousands of other TikTok users with motivational advice under the hashtag ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’, user @asheraseven is making a real name for herself.

This user has a massive fan following of over 91.5K and she has over 448K likes. Her bio simply reads “Sprinkle sprinkle wisdom”.

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