Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 team tips, rules, top best picks and points system

Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 team tips, rules, top best picks and points system

The Six Nations season is almost at hand, and fans are eagerly waiting to start playing the Six Nations Fantasy game, check out how to play the game, rules, tips to choose players in 2023

The Six Nations Fantasy Rugby is an online fantasy game that works just like fantasy games of other sports like the Premier League or NFL.

Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 team tips, rules, top best picks and points system list

Fantasy managers get to choose their own teams of player and compete against other players online based on points.

How to play Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023

Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 players have two ways of playing the game. They can either compete in the general league, or create a custom fantasy league and play along with friends. Every player is initially registered at the start to play in the general league, where rankings are updated following each round of Six Nations matches.

Besides the general league, players can also create or join a private league and invite more friends to join. Players in the private league them compete against one another directly. Players should note that once they create a league, they cannot alter the settings for that competition.

Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 rules

Fantasy players can select their own combined team of players from the different Six Nations squads. The players then earn points and compete with other players in order to win prizes or simply beat your friends in a private league.

The Six Nations will feature five rounds, where players can draft their players before every round. Players will earn points based on the performances that their selected players put out in each Six Nations match. Fantasy players get a limited budget to start setting up the team so they should choose wisely.

Players can choose and change teams between Six Nations matches, right up until the kick-off of every game. However, players cannot change their team members once a match has begun. Moreover, there are limits to the number of players that a fantasy player can pick from a particular nation. Players can choose only up to four players available from a single team.


Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 tips for picking players

Every Fantasy player gets a starting budget of 245 stars to set up their teams. However, private league creators can set the amount of stars in their budget for their leagues. Player values also change based on their performances in each respective Six Nations match.

Each player’s star value may increase or decrease based on the number of points he wins or loses in matches.

Given below is the maximum number of players that each fantasy player can choose per position:

Field Position Number of players allowed
Back three players (full-backs, wingers) 3
Centres (inside / outside centres) 2
Fly-half 1
Scrum-half 1
Flankers (blindside/open side flankers, No.8s) 3
Second rows 2
Props (loosehead/tighthead props) 2
Hooker 1

Special players


Besides choosing a team ahead of each round, fantasy players can also choose one captain from their 15 selected players. This particular player will have their points doubled in the upcoming game.


In case fantasy players in the general league forget to select a captain, then the player with the highest purchase price automatically gets selected as the captain. During such cases, the selection is done in alphabetical order if players have an equal purchase price.


Besides the starting players, players can also choose one ‘Supersub’ from players listed in their team as subs. This supersub will come off the bench ahead of specific matches. If the selected Supersub does enter the field during their particular game, their points get tripled on the day.

However, if the selected player does not start the game or does not come on, their points get divided by two like all other substitutes.


Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2023 points system breakdown

Every single player on the field can earn points for their team. Team points are decided based on the result of the matches played. Fantasy players will receive points based on a player’s involvement during a match. Players who play only half the match will only get half of the Team points.

Given below is the breakdown of how a player, and their team, can win points:

Team points

Result Points
Win 8 points
Draw 4 points
Defeat 0 points

Rugby player points

Move Points
Tackles 1 point per tackle
Dominant Tackles 7 points per dominant tackle
Line Breaks 7 points per line-break
Carried Metres 0.2 points per carried metre with the ball
Breakdown Steals 7 points
Lineout Steals 7 points
50-22 10 points
Try 15 points
Try Conversion 2 points
Try Assist 7 points
Penalty Goal 5 points
Drop Goal 7 points
Official Six Nations Player of the Match 15 points
Yellow cards -5 points
Red cards -10 points

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