Scott Carpenter bigfoot researcher cause of death, obituary, bio, age, family

Scott Carpenter bigfoot researcher cause of death, obituary, bio, age, family

On Friday, August 4, the cryptid community was met with tragic news: renowned Bigfoot researcher and YouTuber, Scott Carpenter, had succumbed to a brain aneurysm which was his cause of death

The heartbreaking revelation was shared on Facebook by several of his friends, including Tony Merkel.

Scott Carpenter’s deep bonds and unfinished collaborations with Tony Merkel

Tony Merkel, a collaborator of Carpenter, conveyed the somber news that he had received from the researcher’s son, Travis. Merkel reminisced about how their relationship had grown, especially since Scott appeared on his show. They had visions of future collaborations that were left unfulfilled with Scott’s untimely demise.

Scott Carpenter bigfoot researcher cause of death, obituary, bio, age and family

Bettina Moss, another collaborator, echoed the community’s sentiments by announcing Scott’s passing and honoring their past interactions. Moss notably shared a YouTube link to an interview with Scott from March 24, 2023, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the Sasquatch Genome Project alongside Melba Ketchum.


Scott tragically passed away at age 59 on Friday August, 4 2023 and reportedly surrounded by family and friends and died peacefully.

Scott Carpenter was more than just a researcher

Described as a grounded and modest individual, Scott was acclaimed for his meticulous fieldwork. He ventured to numerous locations, documenting his discoveries even amidst adversities and challenges. His commitment to sharing knowledge was evident, with his YouTube channel serving as a beacon of knowledge for many, even in the face of criticism.


Scott Carpenter was a pillar in the cryptid community

Scott Carpenter wasn’t just a name in the world of Bigfoot. He was a symbol of persistence and passion. With his firm belief in cryptids like the Yeti, he carved a niche for himself. The devastating news of his passing at 59 has shattered the hearts of many, especially those who ardently followed his YouTube vlogs and held him in high regard.

On YouTube, Scott wasn’t just an ordinary vlogger; he amassed over 62,000 subscribers. His profile celebrated him as an amateur Sasquatch researcher, but his dedication and theories suggested anything but amateurism. One of Scott’s most intriguing theories was his belief that the mythical Bigfoot or Sasquatch is actually a Nephilim—a creature from Hebrew lore, believed to be the offspring of Fallen Angels and human women.


Scott Carpenter’s legacy that lives on

While the void left by Scott Carpenter’s passing is profound, the work he did, the theories he propounded, and the passion he displayed ensure that his legacy will be remembered and revered for years to come. The cryptid community, though mourning, will continue to celebrate the life and achievements of one of their brightest stars.

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