Sailor Moon Cosmos anime movie part 1 and 2 release date, trailer, cast, characters, plot story

Sailor Moon Cosmos anime movie part 1 and 2 release date, trailer, cast, characters, plot story

A new trailer for the movie duology Sailor Moon Cosmos, which adapts the final arc of Naoko Takeuchi’s classic manga series, has been released along with the release date

The trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos has also unveiled the film’s creative crew, and the two movies will pick up just where the 2021 duology Sailor Moon Eternal left off.

Sailor Moon Cosmos anime movie release date, trailer, cast, characters list, plot story

Sailor Moon Cosmos will have two films, the first of which will be released on June 9, and the second on June 30.


Know more about Sailor Moon Cosmos

After a period without new material, the Sailor Moon franchise was revitalized in 2015 with the release of the Sailor Moon Crystal television series. Sailor Moon Crystal is a faithful adaptation of the manga, but the 1990s anime version veered drastically from the source material and included a lot of filler, catapulting the series to new heights of popularity and turning it into a worldwide sensation.

However, after two seasons, the show was canceled and the manga’s final two arcs were adapted into a film series. The first two movies, Sailor Moon Eternal, were released in 2021; the third, Sailor Moon Cosmos, will be the first to fully realize Naoko Takeuchi’s vision in anime form.


The Cast and Trailer of Sailor Moon Cosmos

Release dates for the two Sailor Moon Cosmos films have been announced as June 9 and June 30. Toei Animation has now released a new teaser and revealed the cast. In adapting the final arc of Naoko Takeuchi’s most famous manga series, this duology will pick up where the two Sailor Moon Eternal movies of 2021 left off.

The trailer’s biggest draw, though, is that it reveals nearly the entire cast that will appear in the movies. Some of the most anticipated characters to be revealed are Sena Koizumi’s Iron Mouse, Ayumu Murase’s Aluminum Siren, Yoko Hikasa’s Lead Crow, Mariya Ise’s Tin Nyanko, Haruka Kudo’s Heavy Metal Papillon, and Shiori Mikami’s Lethe. There are high hopes for Sailor Moon Cosmos and its adaptation of the classic series’ concluding plot.

Several gender conventions were broken by the groundbreaking 1990s manga series Sailor Moon, which featured an all-female ensemble combating evil. It is also highly regarded for being one of the earliest series to successfully merge the shonen and shojo styles.