Rugby World Cup 2023 winner and runner up prize money and all past winners list

Rugby World Cup 2023 winner and runner up prize money and all past winners list

The Rugby World Cup is a renowned international tournament featuring the top men’s rugby union teams, check out the all-time winners list, list of runners up and third place teams, prize money for 2023 and more

The Rugby World Cup takes place as a quadrennial competition and has a history that spans for three decades.

Rugby World Cup 2023 winner and runner up prize money breakdown and all past winners list

The upcoming competition is a very successful tournament and it is one of the most popular international events after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Rugby World Cup history

The Rugby World Cup hosted its inaugural edition back in 1987. The International Rugby Football Board (IRFB), now called the World Rugby, came up with the idea to host the event following their desire to host an international rugby union competition. Australia and New Zealand and co-hosted the tournament featuring 16 teams, which has now risen to 20. The tournament follows a quadrennial pattern.


Rugby World Cup all-time champions and runners up list

Over the years, the Rugby World Cup has witnessed several different champions taking up the trophy. Up until now, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia have been the most successful sides, winning it multiple times.

New Zealand, nicknamed the ‘All Blacks’ holds the record of the most wins with three victories (1987, 2011, and 2015). Alongside them are South Africa, ‘the Springboks’, who has also secured three victories (1995, 2007, and 2019). Australia, have won the trophy twice (1991 and 1999).

Meanwhile, France are the most successful finalist alongside England having finished as runner up thrice. Given below is the all-time full list of champions and runners up teams:

Year Champion Score Runner Up
1987 New Zealand 29–9 France
1991 Australia 12–6 England
1995 South Africa 15–12 (AET) New Zealand
1999 Australia 35–12 France
2003 England 20–17 (AET) Australia
2007 South Africa 15–6 England
2011 New Zealand 8–7 France
2015 New Zealand 34–17 Australia
2019 South Africa 32–12 England

Rugby World Cup all-time third place playoff winners

New Zealand, who are the joint most successful team, are also the most successful third placed side. They have won the bronze across three editions. Given below is the full list of results from the third-place playoffs:

Year 3rd Place Score 4th Place
1987 Wales 22–21 Australia
1991 New Zealand 13–6 Scotland
1995 France 19–9 England
1999 South Africa 22–18 New Zealand
2003 New Zealand 40–13 France
2007 Argentina 34–10 France
2011 Australia 21–18 Wales
2015 South Africa 24–13 Argentina
2019 New Zealand 40–17 Wales

Rugby World Cup past host cities

Up until now, several countries have hosted the Rugby World Cup in the past. Australia and New Zealand co-hosted the inaugural tournament in 1987. Following this edition, several countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia have hosted it so far.


France are the only country to be hosting it twice, having once hosted in 2007 and again this year, 2023. The United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Wales, and New Zealand have all so far hosted the tournament. Japan hosted the 2019 edition, becoming the first-ever Asian country to host the event.

Rugby World Cup 2023 prize money breakdown

As of now, the organizers have not confirmed the final prize money pool and breakdown for the 2023 edition. The winners of the Rugby World Cup 2019 received $6 million from a total prize pool of $20 million.

Rank Prize money (USD) No. of Teams
Winner $6 million 1
Runner-up $3 million 1
Losing semifinalists $1.5 million 2
Quarter-finalists $750,000 4
Losing pool stage teams $300,000 20

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