Rugby player Danny Cipriani and wife Victoria Rose split after she finds messages on his phone

Rugby player Danny Cipriani and wife Victoria Rose split after she finds messages on his phone

Upon hearing speculations about their separation, Victoria Rose, the wife of rugby player Danny Cipriani, voiced her dissatisfaction with Danny’s decision to publicly share the news on Instagram as soon as it surfaced

Danny announced the split on Instagram, saying that, following almost four years of marriage, they had chosen to part ways peacefully because of their different paths in life.

Danny Cipriani and wife Victoria Rose split after she finds messages on his phone

But Victoria objected to the revelation to the public, raising concerns about the necessity of such statements on social media and pleading for privacy at this sensitive moment.

Victoria’s Statement

In response to the news, she stated, “I’m not sure why Daniel needs to tell Instagram of his relationship status. I don’t wish for the invasion. Could I ask for some privacy while navigating through this fragile time.”

The couple’s relationship was steady until the summer, but in the last few months, Victoria grew angrier, according to insiders.


Upon discovering messages on Danny’s phone, the atmosphere became increasingly strained, leading to difficult conversations and the eventual choice to end their marital relationship.

According to reports, the breakup of their relationship has saddened both of them, however, Danny has already left their Kent home.

Couple Headed for Divorce?

The pair had unfollowed one another on social media, and Danny had stopped sharing any pictures of Victoria in a few months, which were telltale signs of trouble. Furthermore, Victoria, a champion for healthcare, was recently spotted sans her wedding ring.


The married couple, who tied the knot in April 2021, is now headed for a divorce as they separated two weeks ago.

Who’s Victoria Rose?

For those unfamiliar, Victoria Rose, a resident of Derby, is a passionate advocate for mental health. In her earlier years, Victoria endured a heart-wrenching experience while in a relationship with Steven Austin, eventually finding solace in the companionship of Danny.


At the tender age of 14, Victoria and Steve welcomed their first child, Jade Austin, who is now 26. Tragically, Steve passed away at the age of 22 in 1999. Subsequently, Victoria had a son from a previous relationship, although the exact timing remains undisclosed.

Assuming the roles of stepfather and step-grandfather, Danny became an integral and supportive presence in Victoria’s life, as well as in the lives of her children and granddaughter.

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