Richest Tennis Player In The World Of All Time

Richest Tennis Player In The World Of All Time

This might be surprising to hear but tennis has helped to reach the utmost wealth in players lives. Here’s richest tennis player in the world.

Professional tennis players are quite hardworking and dedicated to their sport. The goal of these players is to achieve Grand Slam titles. Achieving a Grand Slam title is considered a matter of pride for all tennis players, apart from these rewards the players have been rewarded with massive wealth from the sport of massive.

Tennis players earn a huge amount of money by winning international and national tournaments. Also, these days’ brands are playing a key role in making sports players rich by offering them numerous endorsements.

The Richest Tennis Player And The Top 5 List In The world 

1. Ion Tiriac

Net Worth: $ 2 billion

Country: Romania

Ion is a former Romanian tennis player who has today turned into a businessman. He is ultra-rich with a net worth of $ 2 billion, he is the richest tennis player in the world.

2. Roger Federer

Net Worth: $ 450 million

Country: Switzerland

Roger not only lies in the category of the richest but has also been always at the top among finest tennis players of all times. He is on the second number in the list of Richest Tennis Players.


3. Novak Djokovic

Net Worth: $ 200 million

Country: Serbia

Novak is an ace tennis player from Serbia and is known as the tournament champion because of his huge achievements. He has marked victory in Wimbledon four times and the US Open titles for three times.


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4. Rafael Nadal

Net Worth: $ 180 million

Country: Spain

Rafael is a Spanish professional tennis player who hails from Manacor. Apart from his sport, he has made money by endorsing several brands.


5. Serena Williams

Net Worth: $ 180 million

Country: United States of America

Serena Williams is the only female to be listed among the top 5 richest tennis players in the world. She is so perfect in the game that has bagged 18 Grand Slam titles. She originates from Saginaw, Michigan, United States.

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