Resident Evil 4 remake early access NZ release date and time trick

Resident Evil 4 remake early access NZ release date and time trick

The Resident Evil 4 remake 2023 release date is rapidly approaching, but Xbox users may use a well-known loophole to play RE4 one day early, know the early access NZ time trick

One of the most eagerly awaited games of the year is the remake of Resident Evil 4. The review embargo on the original, one of the best games ever made, was lifted one week before the game’s official release date. According to reviewREs, the game is a masterpiece, and starting next week, we may all play as Leon to save the president’s daughter.

Resident Evil 4 remake early access NZ release date and time trick countdown details


The Resident Evil 4 remake is scheduled for release on March 24, 2023. It will be released on Xbox for Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as PlayStation for PS4 and PS5. Also, it will be accessible via Steam on the PC.

The following Capcom pre-order bonuses are available for any edition of RE4 (through the PSN store):

  • Attaché Case: ‘Gold’
  • Charm: ‘Handgun Ammo’
  • Mini soundtrack (PlayStation exclusive)

The cost of the Standard edition is $59.99/£54.99. The Deluxe edition, which costs £64.99/$69.99, includes the following:

  • Attaché Case: ‘Gold’
  • Attaché Case: ‘Classic’
  • Charm: ‘Handgun Ammo’
  • Charm: ‘Green Herb’
  • Mini soundtrack (PlayStation exclusive)
  • Casual costume for Leon & Ashley
  • Romantic costume for Leon & Ashley
  • Hero costume for Leon & filter
  • Villain costume for Leon & filter
  • Sentinel Nine pistol
  • Skull Shaker shotgun
  • Treasure Map: Expansion
  • Sunglasses (sporty)
  • Original version soundtrack swap

Although it won’t go live until the following week, you can already play the demo on all platforms.


How to get early access to RE4

Xbox users can use the New Zealand release time trick to gain early access to the Resident Evil 4 remake. RE4 is scheduled to premiere on consoles at midnight local time, according to the Microsoft Store, therefore it will do so on March 24 at 00:00 NZDT. On March 23, this corresponds to 4:00 PDT, 7:00 EDT, and 11:00 GMT.


For the trick to work, you must place a preorder. On March 23, just carry out the procedures listed below, supposing you’ve already placed an Xbox One or Series X/S pre-order for the game:

  • Select Settings
  • Click System
  • Proceed to Language and Location
  • Change Location to New Zealand
  • Reset the Xbox console

By switching to New Zealand, launching RE4 from the Microsoft Store, and adjusting the location time in options, you may get the time for your own area.