Rapper Lil Sodi cause of death, obituary, net worth, bio, age, real name and songs list

Rapper Lil Sodi cause of death, obituary, net worth, bio, age, real name and songs list

One of the well know rappers Lil Sodi died recently and we are here to cover every detail in this article along with his net worth and cause of death

Eight Tray Gangster Crips member and American rapper/singer Lil Sodi was killed in a car crash. He rose to fame by working with musicians from opposing gangs, and he later had a falling out with Nipsey Hussle.

Rapper Lil Sodi dies in car accident cause of death, obituary, net worth, bio, age, real name and songs list

The death of rapper Lil Sodi has been announced via the Twitter account No Jumper. Adam22, a popular YouTuber, posted a selfie of himself with the rapper, confirming the rumor. Jose, his 9-year-old son, passed away only a few months ago. Lil Sodi’s death brought the music business closer together, and it was a devastating end to a bright career.

Know more about Lil Sodi

From the West Side of South Los Angeles came the outstanding rapper and performer Lil Sodi. He rose to fame after signing with 100 Entertainment. A record label created by Bigfase 100 of the Cedar Block Piru, a street gang located in Compton. He was born and reared in an area dominated by the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.

Named after his father’s alias, “Big Sodi,” the young Lil Sodi began his career as a vocalist while serving time in the California Division of Juvenile Justice. As a rapper, he joined Corporate Thug Entertainment, which was started by famous MC Young Jeezy. He dropped two mixtapes on the 100 Entertainment label.


Despite his membership in the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, Lil Sodi’s musical talents allowed him to work with artists from a wide range of gangs. P-Smurf of the Denver Lane Bloods, Compton Menace of the Fruit Town Piru, and Suga Buga of the Weirdoz Bloods were just a few of the people he collaborated with. The solidarity of the hip-hop community was further emphasized by his noteworthy friendship with Boskoe 100 of Queen Street Bloods.


The collaboration between Lil Sodi and Bigfase 100, “The Best Of Both Rags,” is one of his most well-known works. In a nod to the red rags (Bloods) and blue rags (Crips), this project sought to bring together musicians with different musical backgrounds.

During his career, Lil Sodi aka Madsodi Simpson released several notable projects, including “The Best Of Both Rags” in 2013 and “Chevy Music” in 2012. While his DOB isn’t known, he had a net worth of $1-2 million.


The Cause of his death

Lil Sodi’s blossoming career was tragically cut short when he was killed in a car tragedy. His unexpected demise shocked the music industry and devastated his devoted fanbase. But details about the accident and the precise cause of death were not disclosed. Instagram users can find little Sodi, or @orangutan_sodi, under the handle @orangutan_sodi.


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