Ranked The Top 10 eSports Teams And Players In India, Winnings, Net Worth

Ranked The Top 10 eSports Teams And Players In India, Winnings, Net Worth

Here is a list of the top 10 eSports teams and players in India, their winnings, salary, prize money and net worth 2021

India is the new market hub for eSports teams. European, American and Arab teams like Fnatic, TSM, Vitality, and Galaxy Racers have started making their presence in India. Earlier, the eSports scene was limited to one or two teams, but now it has expanded and there are various teams for different other games. Mobile games like PUBG Mobile, BGMI, and Free Fire played a key role in making the gaming scene possible in India.

There are also Indian teams, who are competing head to head with foreign teams and they are no less. So, here is a list of the top 10 eSports teams based on their recent performances.

Ranked The Top 10 eSports Teams In India, Winnings And Net Worth

10. Team Vitality

Vitality is a French team that hired a COD lineup in India. The team has a total winning of $16,759 and is lead by Arav Narang also known as Monk.

Game: Call Of Duty Mobile

9. Velocity Gaming

Started with different other games, Velocity marked their presence after the launch of Valorant. Currently, it is one of the best Valorant teams in India, and as they finished 2nd in the VCC. They have a total winning of around $40,964.

Game: Valorant

8. Total Gaming Esports


Owned by one of the famous streamers named Ajju Bhai, the team won the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Summer. It has a total of more than $81,455 winning till now.

Game: Free Fire

7. Galaxy Racers

GXR came to India and merged with Celtzz. The team represented Indian in PMWL and won the first PMPL finals of India region. It has a total winning of $26,450.

Game: Battlegrounds Mobile India

6. Godlike Esports

Godlike esports started with PUBGMobile but now they have teams in COD Mobile, Valorant, and BGMI. Recently, they won the SKyesports tournament of BGMI worth Rs 25,00,000.

Game: Battlegrounds Mobile India, COD Mobile, Valorant



IND is one of the oldest teams in India which started off as PUBG Mobile Furthermore, the team merged with PV. They also have a COD Mobile lineup long with BGMI.

Game: Battlegrounds Mobile India, COD Mobile

4. Orange Rock eSports

OR came the closest to give an Indian international trophy in PUBG eSports. Moreover, they finished2nd in PMWL behind BTR. They have won more than $125,306 from PUBG and BGMI tournaments.

Game: Battlegrounds Mobile India

3. TSM

Formerly known as TSMx Entity, the team won almost every tournament. However, the members moved to GodL and now they have a different lineup. They won almost $182,186 from the tournament.

Game: Battlegrounds Mobile India


2. S8UL

Soul and 8 bit merged to form S8UL. Soul is one of the most decorated teams in the PUBG scene. Now, they have a COD and Valorant lineup too.

Game: Battlegrounds Mobile India, COD Mobile, Valorant

  1. Global Esports

Global eSports is also known as GE is one of the oldest and famous gaming teams in India. They represented India in Overwatch on the global stage and are all set to represent India in Valorant for the first time on the international stage.

The org was formed in 2017 and competed in different games like CS: GO, Overwatch, BGMI, and Valorant. Currently, their BGMI and Valorant rosters are active.

Active Games: Battlegrounds Mobile India, Valorant

Previous Teams: Overwatch, Dota 2, and CS: GO

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