Ranked The Hottest Major League Soccer Players And The Net Worth Of These MLS Footballers

Ranked The Hottest Major League Soccer Players And The Net Worth Of These MLS Footballers

The hottest Major League Soccer players are entertaining football lovers since 1996, know the top 10 list and the net worth of these MLS footballers

MLS showcases players from 27 teams in total. Out of these 27 teams, 24 hail from the United States, and 3 are from Canada. We have curated this list with the hottest MLS players, fans are going gaga over these players this soccer season.

Ranked The Hottest And Most Handsome Soccer Players In MLS

1- Diego Rossi

Team: Los Angeles FC

Net worth- €20 million

Diego Rossi has an amazing record with his outstanding performances. Rossi is just 23 years old and has a great image in the MLS; he is a superstar who is also a member of the country’s national team.

2- Carlos Vela

Team: Los Angeles FC

Net Worth- €15 million

Carlos Vela is always found in the top rankings in the list. He had appeared in more than 200 games. Carlos has become an MLS personality from his very first debut in the first season recently when he received an MVP award also.

3- Josef Martínez 

Team: Atlanta United

Net worth- €14 million

Josef Martínez is considered one of the best players in the whole league. His remarkable performances and goals speak it. Josef was the top scorer of the season 2017 and 2018.


4- Alejandro Pozuelo

Team: Toronto FC

Net worth- €12 million

Alejandro Pozuelo found his place in the team of Toronto and he speedily had a great impact as he won awards for his appearances. Alejandro’s first-year scores were truly impressive and he was amazing in his own way.

5- Emanuel Reynoso

Team: Minnesota United

Net worth- €10 million

Emanuel Reynoso in just 25 years has become the most successful player, his god looks are like an additional bonus.

6- Gonzalo Higuaín

Team: Inter Miami

Net worth- €10 million

He is regarded as one of the biggest superstars in the MLS league, Gonzalo became Inter Miami’s one of top personalities as soon as he joined the team only at 33 years of age.

7- Ezequiel Barco


Team: Atlanta United

Market value: €10 million

Ezequiel Barco is presently 22 years old and has scored maximum goals than other players in a total of 80 games.

8- Rodolfo Pizarro

Team: Inter Miami

Net worth- €10 million

Rodolfo Pizarro is the one who never got discouraged in his ups and downs. He remains one of the greatest in the MSL, also the hottest one.

9- Lucas Zelarayan

Team: Columbus Crew

Net worth- €10 million

Lucas Zelarayan has already earned a lot in his career including trophies, championships, and many more. He prepared and made himself devoted entirely to his game.

10- Alan Pulido

Team: Sporting Kansas City


Net worth- €9 million

Alam Pulido is another great player that MLS has got. He is signed to the Liga MX, Pulido’s market value has raised drastically because of his performances.

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