Ranked List Of The Best And Richest Esports Players in Philippines

Ranked List Of The Best And Richest Esports Players in Philippines

Here is a list of the best and richest eSports players in the Philippines based on their earnings and recent performances

The Philippines is known to produce some of the great talents in the field of esports. Games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Mobile Legends are some of the famous games in the country. Moreover, European teams like Fnatic hire lineups from the Philippines because, they know, there is a huge potential in the players of this country.

So, here is a list of the top 5 best esports players who are from Philippines including all their details.

List Of The Best And Richest eSports Players in Philippines

Most of the highest earners of the game are from Dota 2. So, we selected players from different games here.

5. AK (Tekken 7)

Alexandre Laverez famously known as AK is a Tekken player who plays for Ply book esports. He is considered one of the best in the game and has won several trophies. AK finished 2nd in the Evolution Championship series Japan 2019, WEGL 2017 Super fight Invitational, and in Tekken World Tour Finals 2019 LCQ. He won the Tekken Online Challenge 2021: Philippines & East Asia online masters which were held recently.


4. Xmithie (League Of Legends)

Jake Kevin Puchero recently played for Immortals and is one of the League of The Legends player. He was in his best form while representing Team Liquid as he won LCS Summer 2019, LCS Spring 2019, NA LCS Summer 2018 and NA LCS Spring 2018.

Xmithie received the award ‘1st All-Pro Team’ in NA LCS Summer 2018  and in 2017.

3. CJ Ribo (Mobile Legends)


Ribo is the only Filipino player who has won a world competition (M2), a SEA Games gold medal, and two MPL championships. These all are enough to state that why he is considered as the goal of Mobile Legends.

Currently, Ribo plays for Bren esports and is competing in MPL PH Season 7.

2. EnDerr (StarCraft II)

Caviar Napoleon Marquises-Acampado is one of the best Starcraft II players in the country. Moreover, he won the DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Oceania / Rest of Asia and the WESG 2018 – SEA Qualifier qualifier which are some major tournaments. He finished 2nd in 2016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan.

Currently, he plays for team Juggernauts.

  1. DJ (Dota 2)

Djardel Jicko B. Mampusti is one of the greatest players of the game and plays for Fnatic. Furthermore, he played in several Internationals including 2019, 2018 including the recent one The International 10.

He finished 4th with Fnatic in the International 2016. His total earning is around $983,453.

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