Rainbow Kiss Meaning Explained After It Goes Viral On TikTok

Rainbow Kiss Meaning Explained After It Goes Viral On TikTok

Users of TikTok feel they might have survived without knowing the significance of the somewhat unusual trend, which is once again dominating the platform, know the meaning of rainbow kiss

Many people have cautioned others not to search for ‘Rainbow Kiss’ on Google.

Rainbow Kiss Meaning After It Goes Viral On TikTok

The Unsettling “Vabbing” Trend Has Been Replaced By The “Rainbow Kiss” Trend On Tiktok. Why Do Some People Find It Repulsive And What Does It Represent?

The video-sharing website is well known for its trendy, viral challenges, many of which are difficult to comprehend.

Although the much-discussed “rainbow kiss” craze has been around for a while, many TikTok users are just now becoming aware of it. If you’re still unsure of its significance, we’ve included an explanation below.

The term “rainbow kiss” refers to a sexual act between two partners that involves cunnilingus on a woman who is menstrual. It is followed by oral exchanging of semen and other fluids, according to Urban Dictionary. Although its precise beginnings are uncertain, Dr. Wensasha Jenkins Hall told Cosmopolitan that the practice could have developed from traditional period sex.


Wondering Why This Procedure Is Used And Why Anyone Would Engage In Such A Risky Act? 

Danyell Fima, Co-founder of Velvet Co. explains, “A rainbow kiss is a great way for everyone to enjoy the few minutes of cathartic bliss right after you both orgasm. Consider that’s the goal”.

The exchange of body fluids has hazards, despite the fact that some people find this act enjoyable.

Numerous illnesses can be carried by period blood and semen. Serious conditions including HIV, Syphilis, and hepatitis might potentially be among them.


Therefore, if you wish to engage in the act, experts advise that the best way to do so is with a companion you can trust and who is prepared to take all necessary safety steps.

Testing for STIs of any sort can further remove the risk factor.

Users’ Reaction To The Google Search

Many users were highly disappointed to know and wrote, “I should have minded my business”. While another user wrote, “Please please don’t try to search its meaning, I wish I never saw.” adding to the comment, another said, “I am not going to search that up because I get scared easily”. One user tweeted in the capital saying, “I JUST LOOKED IT UP I SHOULDN’T HAVE.”

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