PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M22 release date, time, leaks, rewards and items list

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M22 release date, time, leaks, rewards and items list

While PUBG Mobile players are currently in the 21st month of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, players are already getting updates about leaked rewards for Royale Pass M22, find out all the details below along with the release date

PUBG players are currently striving to complete all the Month 21 missions to rank higher and claim exciting rewards.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M22 release date, time, leaks, rewards, items list

Aside from the exciting Month 21 rewards, the recent PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update just hit the live servers recently. The new update brought out a new Royale pass and players can’t wait to upgrade their accounts to the 22 Month Royale Pass.


As per the ion-game format and leaks, the awaited Month 22 Royale Pass is expected to be kicked off on 21st April 2023, at 2:00 am UTC.

PUBG Mobile RPM22 leaked rewards

Ahead of the official reveal, there are already several leaks of the RPM22 rewards on the internet. The leaks reveal some information on the kind of rewards that players will be available to claim.

Renowned YouTuber Lucky Man provided one such leak in his recently uploaded video on his channel. Lucky Man provided somewhat reliable leaked information about the upcoming Month 22 Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile. However, aside from revealing the leaked items and rewards, these leaks haven’t revealed the theme of the RPM22.


Just like the previous update, the upcoming Month 22 RP will also come in two forms, – free and paid. While paid RP features rare rewards, the free RP contains a few items for players who prefer to play the game as free to play players.

PUBG Royale Pass Month 22 leaked rewards and items

Given below is the full list of rewards and items that come with the M22 Royal Pass:

Rank Rewards and items
RP Rank 1 Rogue Kitty Set together with Pirate Compass Pan
RP Rank 10 Palate Guard Backpack skin
RP Rank 15 Pirate Compass Ornament, RP Avatar (M22) together with Celebratory Dance Emote
RP Rank 20 Golden Glaze Frag Grenade and Crimson Ancient Memories Parachute
RP Rank 23 Legendary Cover
RP Rank 25 Suave Buccaneer Set
RP Rank 30 Golden Wings Buggy Finish together with Aureate Splendor Emote
RP Rank 35 Prairie King G36C
RP Rank 40 Bright Sky Groza
RP Rank 50 Aureate Splendor Set along with Aureate Splendor Cover

Players may also receive the Secret Fashion Set along with the Secret Fashion Cover in the RP redeem section.

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