PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass, Rewards List, WP Price, Skins, Release Date

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass, Rewards List, WP Price, Skins, Release Date

Check out the amazing and exciting PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass season 40 rewards, price, new skins, new features, release date and much more

The new PUBG Lite Season 40 is now underway with some exciting rewards, including new emotes, skins and costumes.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass, Rewards List, WP Price, Skins And Release Date

PUBG Lite is a compact model of PUBG Mobile. The game has been developed to give users a seamless experience with low-end devices. Like the main version, PUBG Lite has gained in mass popularity and is among the most widely played Battle Royale games on mobile devices. The Lite version has its own fanbase all over the world. The game is now in its 40th season and the developers of the Lite version, Tencent always comes up with new rewards with each new season. The new season excites its users with the new WP and eagerly awaits to get hold of the new RP to get incredible rewards.

How to get the new PUBG Lite Season 40WP

Season 40 of the PUBG Lite is in progress and will continue until September 30. WP Season 40 offers interesting rewards, including new skins and costumes. To obtain the rewards, users have to complete daily WP missions. The WP offers two free-paid features, but users won’t get many better rewards in free than the paid one.

WP Price

Similar to the main version, the Lite version also has two features: Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. The former will cost 280 BC and rewards worth 1000BC while the latter will cost 800 BC and rewards worth 3000 BC.

WP Rank wise rewards

• School Girl in Pink Outfit, Street Wave Emote- WP Rank 1

• Strawberry Glasses, Berry Cute Cover (also available in free WP selection)- WP Rank 5

• Bon Appetit Pan, Premium Crate Coupon- WP Rank 10


• Violet Wonder Helmet- WP Rank 12

• Oven Fresh Backpack, Supermarket Sale Parachute (also available in free WP selection)- WP Rank 15

• Berry Cute Set- WP Rank 20

• Cherry Blossom S12K- WP Rank 25

• Golden Feather Dacia- WP Rank 30

Users can also earn additional rewards like Violet Wonder UMP 45, Violet Wonder Set and Violet Headgear for Limited and Permanent. Users can use the additional WP points to get these new items in the Open Crate Redeem section.

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