PUBG Mobile A4 Royal Pass release date, time, leaks, rewards and items list in update 2.9

PUBG Mobile A4 Royal Pass release date, time, leaks, rewards and items list in update 2.9

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, fasten your seatbelts, as an electrifying update is on the horizon with the A4 Royal Pass release date now out

The PUBG Mobile 2.9 update, featuring the highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile A4 Royale Pass, find out all the details below. This tantalizing news comes on the heels of the ongoing PUBG Mobile A3 Royale Pass, where players are already immersing themselves in the plethora of fresh items and themed skins.

PUBG Mobile A4 Royal Pass release date, time, leaks, rewards, items list in update 2.9

The release date of the PUBG Mobile A4 Royale Pass is poised to arrive in the middle of November 2023. One can’t help but wonder about the treasures it will bring forth. It marks the 26th installment of the Royale Pass series, a testament to the enduring allure of PUBG Mobile.


Among the standout prizes is the much-anticipated Mythic outfit. Rumors abound that this outfit will exude a futuristic theme, promising to clothe players in a captivating skin that will be available at level 100 of the pass.

Players can anticipate a treasure trove of Legendary weapon skins, including the coveted skin for the DBS. The allure of a Legendary weapon skin can’t be overstated.

The visual landscape of the game is set for a transformation with an array of new vehicle skins. Players can expect to deck out their rides with fresh styles, including skins for the UAZ, Dacia, and Coupe RB.

Players can look forward to a selection of parachutes, emotes, and avatar frames. These customization options will enable players to add a personal touch to their gaming experience, making their avatars truly unique.

But the generosity of the A4 Royale Pass doesn’t stop there. Beyond cosmetic enhancements, players can also anticipate receiving UC, silver fragments, and experience points. 


The A4 Royale Pass comes in two tantalizing packages. Players can opt for the standard A4 Royale Pass for 600 UC or go all-in with the Elite Pass for 1200 UC. 

PUBG Mobile’s A4 Royale Pass continues the tradition of excellence, boasting enticing leaked rewards like Mythic outfits and Legendary weapon skins, sure to excite players as it is a fan favorite, offering something for all players, including the Elite Pass for dedicated enthusiasts.


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