PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Beta Release Date, Features, APK Download Link, Size

PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Beta Release Date, Features, APK Download Link, Size

Each patch update for PUBG Mobile, which adds a number of features and optimizations, is released by Krafton and Level Infinite over the course of approximately two months, know about the 2.4 update beta version and its release date

A Messi cooperation, RP M17, C3S9, Aftermath 2.0, and other features were offered to gamers in the most recent version, 2.3, which debuted in mid-November.

PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Beta Release Date, Features, APK Download Link

The 2.4 version is planned to be released in accordance with the designated trend, as with every update. So, the following patch should be up in January 2023. Fans may see new features in the January 2023 patch thanks to the new features in the 2.4 beta version, which is currently live.

File size, official link, instructions, and new features in the test server for PUBG Mobile version 2.4

There are two versions of the 2.4 beta APK available to users: 32-bit and 64-bit. The official download links and APK files for both alternatives are provided below:


The 2.4 beta includes new features

After installing the 2.4 beta APK, fans will notice some new additions and changes to PUBG Mobile. Updates for Metro Royale and the traditional version of the game include the following new features or improvements:

  • Back For Honor: Players who are called back into a game after being eliminated have the chance to take on their eliminated opponent in a mission for vengeance.
  • Players will be able to store a brand-new two-seat Dancing Lion vehicle in their bags.
  • an attachment for grappling
  • Martial Arts Arena, a momentary region of the game
  • Addition of a new map
  • Introduction of Ziplines and Stairs
  • Arrival for new NPC enemies and bosses for PvE experience
  • Addition of four sellable items for the new map — Biological Sample, Processor (GPU), Lens, and Gold Piles
  • An enhanced resistance for the advanced armor toward explosive damages
  • An upgrade to Basic Inventory Capacity (capacity will be 30 now)

Here’s how to download the most recent PUBG Mobile beta update (2.4):

Step 1: Click on your desired 32-bit or 64-bit APK link from the list above to go to the download page for the official website.

Step 2: After confirming that your internet is reliable and fast, tap the download button.


The APK and extra resource packages are enormous in size, thus it is preferable to use a Wi-Fi connection to finish the download.

Step 3: After downloading the software, turn on “Installation from Unknown Sources” on your device and select “Install.”


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