Pubg Mobile 2.2 Update Download Size In iOS, Android, Play Store, APK Download Link

Pubg Mobile 2.2 Update Download Size In iOS, Android, Play Store, APK Download Link

Pubg Mobile 2.2 update, new map, new features, know the download size of the update in IOS and APK along with its release time

Pubg Mobile’s new version 2.2 was released on September 13th and was available worldwide on September 15th. Whenever a new update is available, Tencent always provides exciting new features.

Pubg Mobile 2.2 Update Download Size In iOS, Android, Play Store And APK Download Link

Pubg Mobile Update version 2.2 is now live in the game, the new update comes with a new Nusa map and some new features as well.

Pubg Mobile Update version 2.2 new features:

Like previous releases, Tencent always brings new features to its new updates. The 2.2 version comes up with a Halloween update. The game will also be equipped with a new Nusa map, this is a small map with a size of just 1km X 1km. The map will definitely provide excitement and intense competition in short-range battles. The Ferris wheel can also be seen in the new map of Nusa.

Here are some exciting new features to be seen in update 2.2

Gliding Doll, Healing Smoke, Vehicle Airdrop, Remote shop, Lucky backpack, Supply scan feature and scan the area feature for enemies. These new features certainly bring a great deal of excitement and pleasure for its users. Before missing anything, be sure to update the game on time.


Update 2.2 IOS and APK download size

The latest Pubg Mobile update 2.2 is now available to download. Before downloading, be sure to have enough storage space on your device. The download size for the new update is as follows.

681 MB for Android devices and tablets and 1.91 GB for IOS/iPadOS.

APK download link:

How to download:

The updated version can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. On Android, users can also install Pubg Mobile APK separately through official site.

Guide to download:


First, you must open the Google Play store/ Apple App Store. Then you need to search for Pubg Mobile from the search box. Then just click the installation button to install the latest version of the game to your devices. Once the game is downloaded, the game will ask you to download the bundles of resources. After downloading the resource packs, you are ready to play the latest release.

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