PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Season 19 C1S1 Royal Pass Giveaway: How To Redeem The Pass For Free

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Season 19 C1S1 Royal Pass Giveaway: How To Redeem The Pass For Free

PUBG Mobile recently launched their 1.5 update and the players are loving it. To celebrate the occasion, PUBG is going to giveaway a royal pass of C1S1 in its season 19

PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale games for mobile platforms. Moreover, the game is loved all over the world and has a huge base of players globally. The game always delivers something new to their players in their updates and they have done something unique in this update. Furthermore, the new update added new guns and new game modes along with a new royal pass.

Also, from now, the seasons in PUBG will be changed and it will be called C1S1. Sound’s something different? So, let’s have a complete look at the changes made in the new update and how to participate in the giveaway.


PUBG Mobile Season 19 C1S1 Royal Pass Giveaway: How To Participate

PUBG Mobile is going to give away 20 royal passes from the C1S1 season to its players. Furthermore, the game announced the criteria and how to participate in the giveaway through their social media platforms. So, follow the steps to participate in the giveaway:

  • Go to the Social Media handles of the game and search for the post which is asking you to leave a comment for a giveaway
  • Post a comment, share the post and tag your friends in the post with a hashtag of #PUBGMRPM.
  • So, you’re enrolled in the giveaway, and just keep an eye on the results.
  • All the 20 winners will receive the Elite version of the royal pass which costs around Rs. 700 now.
  • Players can comment multiple times but with only one account. If found that the same player is commenting with different accounts he will be banned from PUBG Mobile contests.

Note: Indian Players are not eligible for the contest as the game is banned in the region.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass

Earlier, the royal pass was used to cost Rs. 800 and the elite version cost Rs.2,400. Now, the RP is reduced to 50 points from 100 and it will last for only one month. Also, the price is reduced and players can buy the C1S1 Royal pass for Rs. 300.

All these changes were introduced after the update of 1.5.


PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Changes

  • The season will be divided into two months named C1S1 and C1S2.
  • The Royal Pass will be for 1 month and have 50 points
  • New Ignition Mode is introduced in the game
  • M249 can be found in normal locations and MG3 is going to replace the gun in drop.
  • Crouch speed is increased

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