Pro Bowl 2023 winner and runner up prize money pool

Pro Bowl 2023 winner and runner up prize money pool

Find out if there is any prize money for the 2023 Pro Bowl winner

The Pro Bowl, played every year by the National Football League (NFL), is the league’s version of an All-Star weekend, which is common in sports like baseball and basketball.

The Super Bowl will be held the weekend after this one, so the weekend will also act as a lead-up to that event.

The Pro Bowl will once again take place before Super Bowl LVII, which will feature the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, as has become customary in recent years.

Pro Bowl 2023 winner and runner up prize money pool breakdown

However, the AFC and NFC’s top players will square off in Las Vegas before that game with the Vince Lombardi trophy on the line.

The Pro Bowl has undergone significant adjustments for its 2023 edition. The main event will feature flag football games for the first time ever, and a skills competition already took place earlier this week.

The days of playing in Hawaii are gone, and this is no longer the customary AFC-NFC regular-season matchup. As the chosen host city, Las Vegas.


Therefore, it’s Pro Bowl time for coaches and players to wrap up their seasons successfully.

If there is a prize for the winners of this eagerly anticipated event featuring NFL stars, have a look, below.

2023 Pro Bowl Games: Is there any prize for the winners?

The AFC and the NFC are scheduled to play three 7-on-7 flag football games on Sunday in Las Vegas following last Thursday’s skills test.

It’s important to keep in mind that Peyton Manning is the American Football Conference’s head coach while his brother Eli oversees the National Football Conference.

One thing is for sure, every single Pro Bowl participant will receive a cheque when they leave.
The winning team’s players receive $84,000 each, while the losing team’s players receive $42,000.


Even while many NFL stars choose not to participate in the Pro Bowl and have lucrative contracts, the truth is that for certain players who may be participating in the game for the first time, this award serves as additional motivation.