Picking your Fantasy Football Team for the Next Game Week

Picking your Fantasy Football Team for the Next Game Week

Fantasy football is a very popular competition among sports fans worldwide

It is an excellent way of getting more involved with your favorite sports rather than just staying on the sidelines as a spectator.

Fantasy football affords everyone the chance to put their innermost coaching skills to the test. You can create a team of players from scratch to compete against millions of managers worldwide.

The game is fun and super exciting to play. However, it requires an in-depth understanding of football. It is one thing to select your players based on their perceived attributes. It is another to keep track of the latest happenings for updates on injuries, suspension, current form, and more.

This article discusses the concept of fantasy football and what you must do to select a winning team each week.

Know the Schedule

Sometimes the football schedule gets muddled up, and you lose track of upcoming events. Most players only look forward to weekends to select their team, but there could be matches during the week. There is also Monday night football. Keep your eyes on sports news apps and other sources with a sports blog.

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Understand the Game

At the beginning of every football season, players are given a budget of $100 to set up a team of 15 players. 11 on the pitch and 4 on the bench. Each football player has a transfer fee that varies depending on market value, mimicking real life. For example, the most expensive players in the premier league are Harry Kane, Salah, and Haaland. Of course, you cannot have all of them on your team.

Each player costs between 3.5 to 13 points. Once you have the 15 players complete, you can pick a formation. The players will score points based on their real-life performance each game week. If your total tally is the highest, you go top on the leaderboard with tons of rewards.

Pick Players from the top 6 clubs

Points are earned in different ways. Goalkeepers and defenders get more points for not conceding any goal throughout a match. Midfielders and forwards earn theirs from scoring goals and providing assists, which is expected. With that in mind, why does picking players from the top 6 clubs matter?

These teams are most likely to score more goals and not concede when playing against lower opposition, and that is the strategy. You can spread the selection from different teams based on their current form, availability, and opponents. If any of the top 6 teams are playing against each other, the outcome might be more difficult to predict. In most cases, it ends in a stalemate. Therefore, you must find a balance as you select the team.

Go for goal-scoring defenders and midfielders

Strikers are, by default, expected to score goals because of their positions. Defenders’ primary assignment is to keep a clean sheet while midfielders get the assist and score goals. When a defender or midfielder scores, the points are higher than that assigned to a striker. The more unlikely the player’s position, the more points.

Therefore, in setting up your team, sign defenders that are likely to be involved in creating chances, or scoring goals. Fullbacks are the first choice because they get more assists from their crosses and forward runs. Take note of big-size defenders with aerial prowess that often score from corners and set pieces. The same goes for midfielders. Rather than going for the defensive-minded players, you can add as many attacking midfielders as possible that can get more assists and goals.


Don’t pick a back line from the same club

This can go either way. For instance, if you pick three defenders from the same team and they keep a clean sheet, you get all the maximum points. However, if they concede a goal or more, you end up with the same low points. Therefore, in selecting your back line, ensure they are from different teams. As we mentioned, get them from the top six teams less likely to concede.

Pick players that always regular starters

Imagine setting up your fantasy football team only to find out the players on your team started from the bench or didn’t even get to play at all. That can be pretty frustrating. So, in picking your team for the week, do some checks.

An easy way would be to visit a sports blog with a dedicated section for fantasy football. You will find different games like football, cricket, and hockey. Select the one you want to get information about such as team news, suspension status, injury lists, and everything that suggests the player’s probability of starting.

Check teams by other FPL Managers

Another approach is to check other Fantasy Football Managers to see what their team is set up for the week. Sometimes, you can follow previous winners and top managers to draw inspiration from their teams.

Follow the FPL on socials and watch the weekly show

If you are an ardent fantasy football manager, the official Twitter handle of the FPL is where you can get many tips for setting up your team. Many managers share their lineups and give information to justify their selections based on news and previous performance.

Similarly, you can watch the Fantasy Football Show each week on TV to get insights about your team selection. Each presenter on the show makes a live selection based on individual analysis.


Final thoughts

Fantasy football is an exciting game for any sports enthusiast. It is competitive, with millions of managers going head-to-head against each other for the weekly top spot. Meanwhile, there is prize money for the best managers at the end of each season, making it even more fun.