Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce contract, salary and net worth in 2023

Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce contract, salary and net worth in 2023

Jason Kelce has been a crucial component in helping to secure that section of the team, know his salary and net worth

The Super Bowl 57 is set to be squared off today.

The Super Bowl will feature a duel of strong teams. With their third Super Bowl appearance in four years, the Kansas City Chiefs are primed to establish a new dynasty. The NFL MVP winner from a few days ago, Patrick Mahomes, had a remarkable season in which he passed for 5250 yards and 41 touchdowns. In the playoffs, the Chiefs defeated strong opponents like the Jaguars and Bengals.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles, under the leadership of head coach Nick Sirianni and starting quarterback Jalen Hurts, have once again made it to the Super Bowl. Despite their inexperience, they are the betting favourites to defeat the Chiefs.

Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce contract, salary and net worth 2023

There are many reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the Super Bowl, but the offensive line ought to be towards the top of the list. Both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs performed admirably enough to qualify for the season finale.


Jason Kelce has been in fine form.

The Eagles’ offensive line, in notably Jason Kelce, has been outstanding. For a very long time, Kelce has been the team’s most reliable player. The centre was selected in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft while Andy Reid was still the head coach of Philadelphia, but he rapidly rose to the position of starter.


The linemen received a lot of praise for his reliability. He was even chosen as a first-team All-Pro in 2022 in recognition of his outstanding efforts. After winning the Super Bowl in the 2017 season, the 35-year-old star will now attempt to do so again.

How much does Jason Kelce get paid?

Although he has been a top player ever since he entered the league, the centre has been the best in his position this year. He is the middle of the offensive line’s best paid player as a result. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Kelce signed a one-year contract worth $14 million.


Eagles center Jason Kelce has an estimated net worth of around 37.5 million dollars.


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