PFL MMA fighters salaries, purse pay and net worth

PFL MMA fighters salaries, purse pay and net worth

The fight purse for MMA fighters has always witnessed debates due to the contrast between fighters where several fighters earn huge sums while others struggle to make ends meet, check out the salaries breakdown of PFL fighters

MMA fighters have a no medium of controlling their own futures and salaries sine there is no MMA union.

PFL MMA fighters salaries, purse pay and net worth in 2023

To bring things to perspective, the minimum NFL salary in 2022 was $705,000, or $41,470 per game. And according to sources, that number has already increased to $750,000. Moreover, the minimum salary an MLB player is $720,000.

Meanwhile, in comparison, the minimum purse for a UFFC fighter was $12,000 per fight in 2022. This comes with a win bonus of another $12,000, which is still less than the MLB and NFL.


The PFL is however looking to change that difference with its tournament format. So far, the promotion has garnered large funds from several business investors, including former MLB player Alex Rodriguez. While speaking about the PFL, PFL founder and chairman Donn Davis shared:

“The PFL business is exactly what sports investors are looking for. We’ve proven to secure top athletes. We’ve proven to secure global media distribution. And we’ve proven to secure dozens of leading advertisers.”

PFL fighters purse and salary breakdown

Unlike other MMA promotions excluding Bellator, the PFL entirely follows a tournament format. The fighters go up against one another to compete for a $1 million prize. However, besides the $1 million prize, fighters can earn separate paychecks. The PFL is currently valued at $400 million.

Given below is a list of several PFL fighter salaries in the fights leading up to the finals:

Fighters and fight purse Event
Kayla Harrison ($125,000) def. Bobby Jo Dalziel ($25,000) PFL 7
Ray Cooper III ($100,000) def. Chris Curtis ($50,000) PFL 7
David Michaud ($100,000) def. Glaico Franca ($75,000) PFL 7 main event
Natan Schulte ($99,900) def. Akhmed Aliev ($74,850) PFL 8
Lance Palmer ($99,950) def. Alex Gilpin ($74,950) PFL 8
Loik Radzhabov ($63,800) def. Chris Wade ($74,800) PFL 8 main event


Given below is a list of the 2022 PFL fighter salaries, which includes PFL 4, 5, and 6:

Fighters and fight purse Event
Alex Martinez ($38,000) def. Clay Collard ($28,000) PFL 4 main event
Olivier Aubin-Mercier ($54,000) def. Raush Manfio ($27,000) PFL 4
Matheus Scheffel ($20,000) def. Bruno Cappelozza ($40,000) PFL 5 main event
Stevie Ray ($80,000) def. Anthony Pettis ($750,000) PFL 5
Kayla Harrison ($500,000) def. Kaitlin Young ($20,000) PFL 6 main event
Sadibou Sy ($52,000) def. Rory MacDonald ($250,000) PFL 6

MMA fighters join the PFL based on the salary

Some MMA fighters like Shane Burgos have admitted to joining the PLF based on the salaries that they can earn. Burgos initially joined the UFC back in 2016 and had a 8-3 record before eventually signing up with the PFL. Burgos revealed why he made the move and also the difference between the two contracts.

Jake Paul joins PFL

Famous Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul has also signed a contract with the PFL. In fact, Jake Paul helped in forming the Super Fight division, which is a special weight class where fighters can earn a minimum of 50% of the PFL’s pay-per-view revenue.

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