Perfect Marriage Revenge ending explained, is it happy or sad and season 2 release date update

Perfect Marriage Revenge ending explained, is it happy or sad and season 2 release date update

The final episode of the popular South Korean series Perfect Marriage Revenge is out, here is the ending explained and other details

In the last episode, we got to see that Yi-Joo and Do-Guk were glad to hear that she was pregnant. Do-Guke hopes to tell the family as soon as possible. Do-Guk learns that Jung-Wook, his sibling, attempted suicide while confined. He fled when they were transporting him to the hospital. If you are also following the Korean series  Perfect Marriage Revenge and are excited to know about the ending, we have got you covered.

Perfect Marriage Revenge ending explained, is it happy or sad, season 2 release date update

 Do-Guk suspects evil movement, so he heads straight to his residence to find Yi-Joo. Do-Guk finds out that his brother’s leg is fine and he lies about it. As soon as he discovers Jung-wook’s real motivations, he runs to save his wife. Seo Jung-wook abducts Yi Joo out of hatred and jealousy. After a scene change, Yi-joo is kept hostage by Jung-wook. He not only prevents her from leaving but also hits her while she is in the car. 

Do-gun appears at the scene and forces Jung Wook to stop his vehicle in the corner. He successfully rescues Yi-joo, but Jung-wook hurts him. Furthermore, the vehicle drove by them at that moment, wiping the symbols off of her hands. It ended the time travel that the two of them were undergoing. Seo Do Guk tried to save Jung Wook and the car blasted in the meantime.


Is Do-Guk alive at the end of the Perfect Marriage Revenge?

Yes, Seo Do Guk was alive at the end of the perfect Marriage Revenge though he fell into come and had to go through severe treatment. When the cops arrived, Do Guk was motionless and had suffered severe injuries. They rushed him to an emergency room right away so they could treat him. It took him several weeks to recover consciousness because of his terrible wounds. Yi Joo supported him during this period and aided with his recuperation.

Jung Wook, in the meantime, was imprisoned and carried resentment against his dad. Seo Young Kyun was honest. He told his older son that when he was a little boy, his mother abandoned him. The unexpected realization weakens Jung Wook.

Does Perfect Marriage Revenge Kdrama have a happy ending?


Yes, the popular Korean series Perfect Marriage Revenge has a happy ending as Seo Du Guk and Yi Joo got married and had a cute daughter. Seo Du Guk proposed to Yi Joo in the final scene of the episode and she agreed. Then, we got to see how they had a cute baby and Yi Joo was painting their family portrait. She was glad that finally, her dream of having a perfect and happy family had come true.

Will there be a season 2 for the Kdrama Perfect Marriage Revenge?

No, the Korean romantic drama Perfect Marriage Revene will not have a season 2 as the series has covered the entire novel. Furthermore, the makers of the drama Perfect Marriage Revenge have not renewed or made any official announcement regarding this. Fans can watch all 12 episodes of Perfect Marriage Revenge on Rakuten Viki with English subtitles.


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