Paul George Injury Update, Status, Report History And Return Date Of The Los Angeles Clippers Player

Paul George Injury Update, Status, Report History And Return Date Of The Los Angeles Clippers Player

Paul Clifton Anthony George popularly known as Paul George is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers, know his injury update and report

The player had earlier missed five games became to the elbow injury that month and on December 25, he suffered an elbow injury that has sidelined him and chances for the player to return this season is very low.

Paul George Injury Update, Status And Report

Since the injury, the team has strived and lost six of the games in the last 10. The unfortunate news about their key player is also a huge concern for them as the absence of George might affect the Western Conference playoff competition.

The LA Clippers lack players in the lineup as Kawhi Leonard is also sidelined for this season after he git his ACL tear in the second round of the playoffs the previous season while they were playing against Utah.

Is the 2021-22 campaign going to end this way for the clippers to be in 7th place for now with the Los Angeles Lakers at 21-21? The season for George has been not so good as he only managed to give 24.7 points, 7.1 rebounds and 5.5 assists that’s too average for a player like him.

The player’s injury was updated on December 25th of the season when he met with an unlucky injury and suffered a torn in his right elbow ligament.


Paul George Injury History 

LA Clippers through their media release on December 26 stated, “Paul George suffered collateral damage in his right elbow. George will rest and be re-evaluated in 3-4 weeks, at which point the next steps will be determined.”

Earlier, it seemed that the player might return in three or four weeks but now, the return of one of the key players of the Clippers looks difficult for this season.


The player had problems with his elbow since the year 2018.

12/25/2021 Elbow
12/08/2021 Elbow
12/01/2021 Rest
04/21/2021 Rest
04/14/2021 Rest
04/09/2021 Rest
03/29/2021 Foot
03/04/2021 Dizziness
02/05/2021 Foot
01/25/2021 Health And Safety Protocols
01/05/2021 Ankle
08/09/2020 Rest
02/13/2020 Hamstring
01/09/2020 Hamstring
01/02/2020 Hamstring
05/07/2019 Right Shoulder
04/10/2019 Shoulder
03/28/2019 Left Shoulder Soreness
02/28/2019 Shoulder
12/27/2018 Right Quad Contusion
05/10/2018 Knee
04/17/2018 Right Hip Contusion
03/14/2018 Sore Groin
12/29/2017 Sore Left Knee
12/07/2017 Calf Contusion
11/27/2017 Illness

Paul George Injury Return Date

There are chances that the Clippers forward could miss the whole season as stated by the report by Bleacher Report.

According to several sources, it is been said that Paul will be needing surgery for his elbow and if the player doesn’t feel 100% fit enough to play, he won’t be returning until April-May to avoid worsening his injury. Let’s see if the player can manage to return early or stay out for the whole season because no one knows exactly what would happen for now.


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