Paris Olympics Games 2024 mascot name, meaning, design and how to buy merchandise

Paris Olympics Games 2024 mascot name, meaning, design and how to buy merchandise

Here is all you need to know about the official mascot for the Paris Olympics 2024 Games along with the name and meaning

The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in Paris for the third time; the last time the games were held in the city was precisely one hundred years ago, in 1924.

Paris Olympics Games 2024 mascot name, meaning, design and how to buy merchandise details

Despite the International Olympic Committee’s clearance for their participation, World Athletics continues to bar all athletes from Belarus and Russia from the largest Olympic sport.

Officially known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, the 33rd Summer Olympic Games will take place in 2024 from Friday, July 26, to Sunday, August 11. The opening ceremony will be held on Friday, July 26, as is customary.

The people’s reaction to the announcement of the mascots for the upcoming competition, which was ultimately made public by the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics board, was one word that was expected: “quoi?  These adorable figures, affectionately known as “The Phryges,” initially give the impression of being sea animals or perhaps little legendary beings made especially for the Olympics. Here is all about the official mascot.


Phryges- the official Paris Olympics 2024 mascot

In contrast to the mascots of previous Games editions, the mascots of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are unique and feature Phrygian caps instead of animals.

The people will be accompanied to the Paris 2024 Games by these two red mascots, known as the Phryges, who represent freedom and revolution. With distinct yet complimentary personalities, the two Phryges; one Olympic and the other Paralympic; share a shared goal of promoting and emulating sport in an inclusive spirit and French.

A Phrygian cap serves as the model for the Olympic Phryge. The mascots will play a significant role by spearheading a revolution through sport, in line with Paris 2024’s objective to show how sport can transform lives.


The Olympic Phryge has the golden Paris 2024 insignia emblazoned on its chest and is decorated with the tricolour flag of France’s famous blue, white, and red colours.


How to order the official Paris 2024 mascot?

The Phryges, the official mascots of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, are available for purchase at the official Paris store Paris Je t’aime. Here is from where you can but the mascot.