Our Sunny Days BL chapter 22 release date, time, spoilers, where to read online

Our Sunny Days BL chapter 22 release date, time, spoilers, where to read online

Chapter 22 of the famous romantic and BL Manhwa Our Sunny Days will be out soon, know the release date and spoilers here

In the previous chapter, we got to see that Haebom made an announcement in the village as he was the head. He said that the laundry truck would be visiting today. So, those who want to wash their blankets should meet in from of the village hall from 10 am to 5 pm. Sung Ho was surprised to hear this as he really sounded like village head that was cute.  If you are also following the manga Our Sunny Days and are excited about chapter 22, we have got you covered here.

Our Sunny Days BL chapter 22 release date, time, spoilers, leaks, where to read online

It was the first time for Sung-Ho to watch Haebom in the business mode which fascinated him. Later, Haebom met Sung Ho and asked if he had come to do the laundry too. He said yes and Haebon explained that it happens only 3 times in a year, so things are hectic. Sung Ho asks if he can help him with anything. Haebom replies that he already did by showing his face there.


Then they went ahead and met Yeonjoo who was happy to see Sung Ho there. Heabom took his blanket and Yeonjoo asked if they made up after the fight. Sung Ho replied that they did and Haebom also gifted him a cute little hen as a present. Yeonjo found it a relief as he likes both of them and can’t bear to watch them fight.

Our Sunny Days Chapter 22 release date

Fans will be happy to know that the release date of the romantic BL manhwa Our Sunny Days Chapter 22 is December 12, 2023. You can read the chapter at the given times:

  • Pacific Time: 04:30 AM PT
  • Mountain Time: 9:30 AM
  • Central Time: 9:30 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 6:30 AM ET
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 4:30 PM
  • British Summer Time: 1:30 PM
  • Central Daylight Time: 07:30 AM 

Spoilers for Our Sunny Days Chapter 22

The raw scan of  Our Sunny Days 22 will be out by December 11, 2023. In the upcoming chapter, we will see more romantic scenes between Sung Ho and Haebom. Sung Ho asked if Haebom is free at night which suggests they can spend it together. At the last panel, Haebom also mentioned that Daddy was going to work on the baby which was very adorable. Fans can read Our Sunny Days BL manhwa chapter 22 on Lezhinus Comics.


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