Models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory fl*sh crowd during MMA fight

Models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory fl*sh crowd during MMA fight

The fourth Battle of the Stars event, Weird Wars, included stars Inked Dory and Karina Pedro, who astounded the audience with a video of them viral

Two competitors displayed their b**bs during an MMA match, reprising their antics from the weigh-in, which left the audience in shock. The tournament took place in the O2 Universum Hall in the Czech Republic.

Models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory show crowd during MMA fight in Czech Republic

Fans were left in awe after stars Inked Dory and Karina Pedro competed in the fourth Battle of the Stars competition, Weird Wars. The audience was shocked when two competitors repeated their antics from the weigh-in and displayed their assets during an MMA combat.

The two were collaborating inside the cage to compete against influencer, singer, and actor Kristal Shine and model Denisa Ryndova. Yet by baring their br**sts, they offered the world a sneak peek at what is accessible on their subscription-only website, which is why they made headlines twice before the opening bell.


The first event happened at the MMA party’s weigh-ins, where two competitors also exchanged k*sses. After getting on the scales, Dory and Karina both joined their competitors and posed for the cameras. But they simultaneously reached down and pulled their shirts up, much to the pleasure of those watching on, making their rivals seem embarrassed. However, Twitter goes mad with some fans appreciating the duo. One supporter tweeted, “It caught me off, guard.” One person said, “We need more of this.”

The bigger picture

As they entered the cage for the battle, Inked, who has nearly 20,000 Instagram followers, and Karina, who has 21 followers, performed the act. As they positioned themselves next to one another on the cage’s apron, they once more synchronized and displayed their b**bs.

The duo lifted their hands after winning the decision on points despite the fight lasting three rounds. Later, with the caption “Unforgettable memories,” Karina shared many images of herself competing in an octagon that resembled the UFC. While this was going on, Inked admittedly disagreed with the judge’s judgement in a much longer message that she sent through her fight snaps.