Online Cricket Betting In India

Online Cricket Betting In India

In this article, you will find all the information you need about cricket betting online in India

A detailed description of the best cricket betting websites, their benefits. Have a look at our tips on cricket betting in India and how to make a bet.

Why Is cricket so popular in India?

England is regarded as the ancestor of modern football, but centuries before the number one sport in the Foggy Albion, British gentlemen were entertained by the game of cricket. The history of the discipline goes back to the 16th century, and 100 years later, cricket becomes the national sport and remains popular today – it’s voted the second most watched sport in Foggy Albion, behind football.

Initially, cricket was exclusively entertained by the English, but the empire’s appetite grew, and soon Britain’s territory was spreading across several continents. The British brought their routines, including sporting entertainment, into the territories under their control. Today, cricket is hugely popular in Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and other former British possessions.

Cricket betting online and its tournament in India

High-profile Test matches between national teams, as well as T20 format games in the Indian Premier League, are the most popular markets. Approximately 70% of cricket betting is done in real time.

Cricket, the most popular sport in India today, is a betting option for all Indian bookies. And the finest cricket betting online sites provide the most appealing odds as well as a variety of services.

Following worldwide trends, Indian betting organizations are constructing sites that are as simple and pleasant for players to use as possible. They update the bonus system not only by updating welcome bonus promo codes but also by running weekly specials.

What are the types of online cricket bets in India?

Types of cricket betting Tournament formats and specific rules can be confusing for the bettor, so it is important to understand what outcomes are offered for the sport.

Odds Betting. The bettor guesses the outcome of a match – which team will win the encounter. A draw in cricket is not possible (except in Tier 1 tournaments), so the bettor has two options – a win for the first team or a win for the second team. Experts recommend analyzing head-to-head encounters to decide which way to go. Double odds can be offered for Tier 1 events as a hedge against a draw.

Betting on the total. The cricket matches are long, and bookmakers will find lots of different kinds of totals – you can bet on the total number of runs in a match, or on the total of runs scored in a specific period of the game (5 or 10 overs). Total or individual totals are offered – the capper can evaluate the performance of each team.

Extra Bets Betting. Players often choose to win or lose by handicaps, plus or minus. In cricket, it is possible to choose a handicap on wounds. In Test matches, bettors often bet on a zero handicap to insure their result in case of a possible tie.

Special betting. There are many non-standard situations in cricket, which is why there are special bets. For example, the bettor can bet on who will be the first to serve in the match (the outcome of the toss). Bets are available on winning the first inning, as well as separate bets on player statistics – who is recognized as the best pitcher and batter, etc.

 Asian Handicap. Betting on a win includes handicaps, which can be plus, minus, or zero.

 Individual Total. You have to predict the number of runs scored by one of the teams in a certain period of the game, for instance, the first 6 overs or the first 10 overs.


Best batsman. Must decide the best batsman of a particular team.

Best bowler. Similar to the previous bet on cricket, only on the bowler.

Winner of Tournament. Long-term bets on the future winner of the competition.

Other bets: total wickets, who will make the most 4-pointers, first ball, who wins the toss, and others.

Why is pre-match analysis important?

Cricket is one of those sports where pre-match analysis is of relatively low value. It certainly cannot be ignored in a professional approach. You have to track the form of teams and individual players, take into account motivation, injuries, fielding factors, personal encounters, home and away game statistics. But since bettors mainly bet on cricket in-play, live analysis is crucial.

What is the right way to bet on cricket? 

Experts recommend playing cricket in live mode. In such a situation, you can analyze the course of the game in peace, adding bets throughout the match – the duration of games averages around 5-6 hours (one-day matches) to 3-4 days (first-tier competitions). Cricket is a sport where scoops are commonplace, so a capper can pick up a good haul with a little understanding of the discipline.


But remember, the vast majority of results are logical, and strong teams emerge victoriously. For example, Australia has won five World Cups, India and the West Indies have won the title twice.

Features of online cricket betting 

Aspirants should focus on the following aspects of cricket: In one-day matches, technique and skill are key, while in 3-5-day matches the emphasis is on the stamina of the opponents. Pay ample attention to statistics – at different periods of the season teams and individuals may be in different forms.

Travel of teams takes its toll on performance. Cricket teams are not used to frequent changes of climate, so when India travels to South Africa, for example, it takes time to adapt to new surroundings and it often has an impact on the result.

When placing sports bets on cricket, you should be aware that there are three formats of bouts in this discipline:

Tier 1 cricket – long matches that last at least 3-5 days. This format is typical of Test matches and National Championships.

Single Day Matches – matches last no longer than 1 day, as they are limited to 40-50 overs.

T20 is the most dynamic and spectacular game with a duration of 3.5 hours.


How to choose the best website for online cricket betting in India?

When determining the top betting shops on the internet, it is important to focus on a set of criteria for selecting the best one. As a result, one should pay attention to the following:

  1. Excellent customer service. This element focuses on the promptness and ease of client assistance. It is important to consider the range of options for contacting the organization.
  2. The platform’s functionality. Consider the quality of the interface and navigation, the frequency of updates, the promptness with which software errors are fixed, the availability of a mobile version, official applications, and web clients – all of these factors were considered by Online Bookmakers experts when determining good betting companies.
  3. Licensing, security, and safeguards. A license indicates that the betting firm is legally functioning, which implies that it can ensure the protection of your finances and personal data in general.
  4. Variety of bets and odds. High odds on the line, totals, or handicaps are standard. But it is worth paying attention to underpriced odds, which are often found in little-known leagues or sports. It is, therefore, crucial to choose a bookmaker with an excellent selection of the above described.

Top 4 websites in India for online cricket betting


It is a contemporary betting organization with India’s largest cricket betting platform. The website and mobile app are meant to be as consistent as feasible with the needs of clients all around the world. The licensing of the firm ensures that the cash and data are protected. Their Loyalty Incentive system, which includes a 150 percent initial deposit bonus, is one of the greatest in India.


The largest gaming corporation in India, which has been licensed to operate worldwide since 2016. Great customer service, a user-friendly website, and a mobile app interface work hand in hand with the bonus scheme, which offers a 200 percent initial deposit bonus and weekly incentives.


It is, without a doubt, one of the top cricket betting sites in India, if not the globe. It features a very user-friendly website as well as a mobile app. And Indian players can gamble in any sport or league they want. Furthermore, there is a welcome bonus of up to 500% on the initial deposit. There is a large crew available to answer any inquiry at any time for your convenience.


A worldwide cutting-edge betting organization that offers Indian players a diverse choice of betting options, from cricket to cybersports. The organization works legally under a license and assures prompt withdrawals as well as their security; you also don’t have to worry about your personal information. The bonus scheme gives you a 100% match on your first deposit.

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