Nutr on Shark Tank season 14, founder, price, revenue, valuation, net worth

Nutr on Shark Tank season 14, founder, price, revenue, valuation, net worth

The recent episode of the Shark Tank has seen a delicious nutty chocolate milk cup as the founder of the brand came to represent their unique idea, know about the founder of Nutr

For those who are unversed, let us tell you, in the Episode 12 of Season 14 of the reality business series, Shark Tank, we saw a brand named “Nutr,” which claims that you don’t need to buy milk when you can make your own dairy or nut free at home.

If you’re curious about the brand, let us tell you, Nutr is a device which is presently shaking the dairy industry. However, let us tell you, mostly non-dairy lovers are enticed by Nutr.

The brand offers a plant-based milk maker, which enables its customers with a variety of drinks including nut and plant-based milk, coffee creamers, hot drinks, smoothies, among many more.

Nutr on Shark Tank season 14 episode 12, founder, price, revenue, valuation, net worth

For those who are still wondering about Nutr, let us simplify for you, it’s a wellness brand and the creator of the patent-pending Nutr Machine, which is a brand’s notable product that makes nut and plant-based milks at the push of a button.


The manufacturer of the milk maker machine aims to make its own plant-based milk in minutes so they can enable its customers with a variety of drinks. The brand also claims that they are empowering their consumers to make clean and delicious plant based milk.


The brand’s CEO and co-founder, Alicia, herself is a lactose intolerant and was tired of looking for a good alternative but she only found unhealthy options in the store, which drove her to leave her fortune 500 company and start Nutr along with her husband, Dane Turk.

Prior to starting Nutr, Alicia, was working for Google as a Senior Tech Recruiter. In January 2021, she stepped into her own venture, founded Nutr and started working full-time with her husband out of Columbus, Ohio.

Price Details

For those who are wondering about the cost of the machine, let us tell you, the price for the limited edition matte black and rose gold Nutr is at $189 which is also available at the e-commerce website Amazon.


Meanwhile, the white machine costs a sum of $169. In a statement, the founder of the brand claims that the price of the Nutr is the same as 21 cartons of plant based milk in New York City.

The brand has been recognized by a number of media outlets such as Mashable, Forbes, Self, Women’s Health, Huffpost, WSJ, CBS, and PopSugar.

Let us remind you, Episode 12 of the Season 14 of ABC’s business reality show, Shark Tank, which features brands like Nutr, Brass Roots, Nopalera, Frescos Naturales premieres at around 08:00 P.M. ET on January 20, 2023.

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