NoCap And NBA Youngboy Controversy Drama Explained As Beef Heats Up

NoCap And NBA Youngboy Controversy Drama Explained As Beef Heats Up

After NoCap and NBA Youngboy beef heats up and it has become a hot topic of discussion with many people trying to know more about it

Rappers from all around the world got famous for their rap and songs. However, many of them also become notorious for involving in beef with other rappers. While many of them did this to gain headlines, some beefs are serious.

NoCap And NBA Youngboy Controversy Drama Scandal Explained As Beef Heats Up

In a similar incident, NBA Youngboy and NoCap’s apparent insults at one another on Instagram have given rise to suspicions of a feud.

Youngboy and NoCap, a signee for the Never Broke Again label, got into an argument on social media when YoungBoy used the site to vent his resentment at an artist he no longer trusted.

The Baton Rouge rapper didn’t explain specifically whom he was referring to at first, but he did state that they were signed to his Never Broke Again label.

So, let’s find out how it actually started:


Where Did NoCap And NBA Youngboy Beef Started?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, better known by his stage as Youngboy, purportedly discussed a signee to his label that he no longer trusts in a now-deleted Instagram story on the Never Broke Again label’s official account.

The story post said:

I pay attention to all that slick a** s**t you be doing.

He then questioned what he termed a “real rapper.” He continued by saying that he doesn’t make music with someone because he wouldn’t “mess” with them. He added,

Stop speaking on me to these people. You my daddy artist.

He continued by referring to the artist as a “worker,” not his “brother,” and he demanded to “pay him.”

Fans immediately pointed out that they mistakenly believed it to be NoCap, real name Kobe Vidal Crawford, especially because the Alabama rapper allegedly explained why he and Youngboy haven’t collaborated the day before.

He said,

Let me go up on my own first because I don’t need everybody sayin’ I used Top to get big. We will do music later.

How Does NoCap Respond To NBA Youngboy?

After the NBA post, NoCap wrote a long, now-deleted post in response to Youngboy’s claim that he was unaware of any debt. As per TMZ, he said,


I see it’s my turn dis week huh? I never did u nun bad. I screamed free you before and after every venue/club. I carried dis s**t when u was gone.

He then urged Youngboy to “let him know” what he owes him.

The rapper went on to explain that they don’t work together because he believes YB is “scared” NoCap would surpass him in popularity.

Why NoCap And NBA Youngboy Beef Heats Up?

When NBA Youngboy responded, asserting that he was a better rapper than Jay-Z and calling NoCap out for playing “industry chess,” their feud between them intensified even further. He remarked,

Jay-Z can’t out rap me boy, this ain’t bout no music. You just a scary b**h.

He then accused NoCap of being unable to pay his “tax bill.”

He added,

You play industry chess but just don’t know this game ain’t got no loyalty. You ran with me because I was popping at the moment.

Afterward, NoCap allegedly remarked,

He never ran away.

Since then, their fans have engaged in a heated argument on social networking sites over what they said about one another.


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